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Table of Contents

Beyond Automation with CFEngine 3 Course Introduction

00m 38s

Chapter: Chapter 1: What is Automation?

Introduction to Automation and Beyond

03m 14s

The Promises of Automation

01m 46s

Coding Interlude 1 (Creating Files and Running Commands with Executable Documentation)

03m 23s

Coding Interlude 2 (Editing Files - an Example of Convergence and Idempotence)

02m 12s

Safe Automation with Imperfect Tools - Documenting Workarounds

04m 22s

Mapping Your Architecture in Terms of Patterns

01m 32s

Two Kinds of Processes: Chain Reactions, Convergence to a Target (Predictability)

01m 26s

Maximize Stability with Promises

01m 8s

Chapter: Chapter 2: What is CFEngine?

Introduction to CFEngine

08m 28s

Be a Town Planner; Not a Bricklayer.

01m 58s

Don't Be the Machine Yourself, Design Machinery that Is Hands-Free!

04m 13s

Configuration: Style Sheets for Your Servers

03m 26s

Code Interlude 3 (Message of the Day)

07m 19s

Code Interlude 4 (Policy in an Access Control Paradigm)

06m 1s

Using the CFEngine Dashboard to See Promises Kept

02m 48s

Chapter: Chapter 3: The Components of CFEngine

Introduction to CFEngine Components: Configuration from Within

08m 10s

Three Ways to Go Beyond Automation with CFEngine 3

02m 57s

Coding Interlude 5 (Building a Kindle Book)

09m 47s

Business Use Cases for CFEngine's Executable Documentation

05m 8s

Chapter: Chapter 4: First Words and Patterns

CFEngine 3 Syntax

10m 39s

Coding Interlude 6 (Associative Arrays)

05m 30s

Using Body Attributes, Templates, and Bundles

07m 8s

Chapter: Chapter 5: Think Like a Human, Think Like a Machine

Telling a System Story Through Executable Documentation

06m 17s

Chapter: Chapter 6: How To Tell Your Story with Promises

Introduction to Orchestration

01m 47s

Coding Interlude 7 (Environmental Discovery and Classes for Orchestration)

02m 14s

Coding Interlude 8 (Docker Orchestration)

13m 37s


05m 24s