Bounce, Tumble, and Splash!
Simulating the Physical World with Blender 3D
By Tony Mullen
Publisher: Wiley / Sybex
Final Release Date: June 2008
Pages: 400

Defy the Rules of 3D and Get Physical with Blender

Bounce, Tumble, and Splash! is the only book to cover theadvanced simulation features of Blender, the premier open source 3Dsoftware that is a must-have for your animation toolbox. Expertauthor Tony Mullen provides you with the real-world know-how tocreate dynamic, highly realistic images of flames, cloth, hair andother physical phenomena from the world around you. This uniqueguide will help you push the boundaries of 3D and take your Blenderskills to the limit.

You'll discover the very latest Blender physics and dynamicstools, including simulations for soft body, fluid, rigid body, andrag doll dynamics. Hone the skills to create stormy seas, flowinghair, or fiery flames with the sophisticated coverage of advancedBlender features included in this beautiful, full-color guide.

  • Set particle parameters, define systems, and discover newBlender particle functionality

  • Explore the new cloth simulation, improved tools for softbodies, and the Demolition Python script
  • Style the latest look in hair with strand particles, newstyling tools, and new features for hair and fur
  • Make a splash with fluid simulations and modifiers
  • Use the Blender Game Engine and the Bullet physics library tocreate rigid body physics simulations
  • Build realistic trees and plants with Blender scripts andthird-party tools

Create dynamic hair effects using hair styling and soft bodysimulation for particles

Use the improved soft bodies to create jiggling, bouncingobjects

Valuable Companion CD
Access the CD for Blender 2.46 installers for Windows andMacintosh and a source tarball for users of Linux and other flavorsof Unix. You'll also find a variety of .blend files to support theprojects in the book.

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