Biometrics For Dummies
Publisher: Wiley / For Dummies
Final Release Date: October 2008
Pages: 292

Dig into biometric identification the fun and friendly Dummiesway!

Biometrics — the science of identifying humans based onunique physical characteristics — is growing in popularityamong security experts and security-minded organizations. Once therealm of futurists and sci-fi, biometrics is now commonly used toreliably control whether to let you into a facility or allow you touse a computer system. Here's what it is, what it does, and how touse it.

  • No lying eyes — how scans of the retina and iris establisha person's identity

  • "Triple A" gets you there — understand how to useauthentication, authorization, and audit principles

  • Security vs. privacy — how various countries are handlingthe privacy issues and what can be done to protect citizens'privacy

  • Ethics, please — understand the ethical issues raised bythe growing use of biometric information

  • Palm reading, 21st century style — how a scan of the palm,veins in the hand, and sonar imagery establish identity

  • Sign here — what it takes to fully authenticate asignature

  • Walk this way — using gait, speech, linguistic analysis,and other types of behavioral biometrics

  • Securing the security — learn the many vulnerabilities ofbiometric systems and how to guard against them

Open the book and find:

  • Behavioral as well as physiological biometric measures

  • Tips for choosing the right biometric system

  • What Triple A is and how to use it

  • An overview of laws regarding biometrics

  • How Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle affects signatures

  • Criteria for setting up an implementation plan

  • How facial imaging is used

  • A look at where biometrics is heading

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