VoIP Deployment For Dummies
By Stephen P. Olejniczak
Publisher: Wiley / For Dummies
Final Release Date: January 2009
Pages: 384

Get your business talking online with this handy guide to VoIPimplementation

Your organization has made the decision to go with VoIP. Nowit's up to you to implement the system. Well, fear not —here'sthe crash course you need! Learn how to analyze your system, planthe rollout, monitor and maintain VoIP, work with SessionInitiation Protocol (SIP), troubleshoot your system, fax with VoIP,and keep your users happy.

  • Understand — how VoIP works and the pros and cons for yourorganization

  • Be prepared — analyze your network, its devices, IPaddresses, connections to remote sites, and other issues thataffect VoIP implementation

  • When it's not a voice — discover the options for touchtones and faxing via VoIP systems

  • Line up your tools — compare and evaluate hardware andsoftware options for VoIP

  • Activate — draw up a test plan, check out both voice andfax transmission, get a report, and schedule the installation

  • Just a SIP — investigate SIP call generation, identify theelements, understand cancelled calls, and re-INVITE calls

  • Keep it running — troubleshoot your system, identify callvariables, trace the source of a problem, manage trouble tickets,and resolve failures

Open the book and find:

  • Clarification of common misconceptions about VoIP

  • The anatomy of a VoIP call

  • How to manage latency, jitter, and flap

  • Why touch tones and faxes pose special challenges

  • How to choose a fax option

  • What Wireshark is and how to use it

  • How to identify the footprint of a problem

  • What to expect when your system goes live

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