Cracking Drupal
A Drop in the Bucket
By Greg Knaddison
Publisher: Wiley
Final Release Date: April 2009
Pages: 240

Uncover threats and protect your DrupalĀ® site with provenstrategies

What is the worst-case scenario if your Web site gets attackedand the security is broken? By following the strategies in thisguide, you don't have to find out. It first walks you through thevulnerabilities you'll face and the steps you should take toprotect a basic Drupal site. You'll then discover how to review amodule to find weaknesses and fix them. And you'll learn how tokeep your site running securely by implementing more advancedtechniques.

Take control of your site by learning how to:

  • Prevent the common ways that Drupal gets cracked
  • Uncover parts of the attack surface that can expose yoursite

  • Install extra modules and configure Drupal to maintain yoursite's security

  • Control the security of your site using Drupal's API

  • Utilize the Drupal Access system to limit who can see specificcontent

  • Test your site with automated scanners like Grendel

  • Follow strategies to find, exploit, and avoidvulnerabilities

  • Leverage resources from the Drupal Security Team

For all the code in this book, as well as all the latestupdates, visit the Web site

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