Nanotechnology For Dummies, 2nd Edition
Publisher: Wiley / For Dummies
Final Release Date: July 2011
Pages: 384

See how nanotechnology is shaping our future and what adifference incredibly tiny particles can make!

Nanotechnology may be both the most promising and the mostmisunderstood technology in the world today, so you've come to theright place to learn all about it! Here, you can discover not onlythe concepts behind nanotechnologybut also how it's being appliedin the real world. And you'll peek into the future to see some ofthe things nano can make possible.

  • So what is it, exactly? — learn what nanotechnology is,how it has evolved, and how research labs, companies, andgovernments are using it

  • It's everywhere — see how nanotechnology helps make homesstronger, computer processors faster, car batteries more efficient,cleaning products more effective, and tennis balls bouncier

  • Really important stuff — discover nanotechnology's manycontributions to medicine and energy conservation

  • The tricky parts — explore the ethical, regulatory, andsafety issues surrounding nanotechnology

  • Career opportunities — find out how to make a career ofnanotechnology

"Nanotechnology For Dummies, 2nd Edition, guides thereader through a bright path of progress and possibility, on a roadthat will eventually lead to all that nanotechnologypromises."
Desiree Dudley and Christine Peterson, ForesightInstitute From the Foreword

Open the book and find:

  • What buckyballs are and why they matter

  • How nanowires could put a supercomputer in the palm of yourhand

  • Why nanocomposites make materials lighter and stronger

  • All about high-powered microscopes that allow us to view theworld at the nano level

  • How nanotechnology can make space travel easier

  • How nano can help cure diseases and safely deliver drugs

  • Why regulation of nanotechnology is so important

Visit the companion web site at fornanotechnology news, information, and resources

Learn about:

  • Using molecular replicators to build materials atom by atom

  • Developing more energy-efficient vehicles

  • Improving the environment

  • All the ways nanomedicine can help us live longer

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