Programming ADO.NET
Publisher: Wiley
Final Release Date: October 2002
Pages: 912

A comprehensive ADO.NET reference, tutorial, and best practices all in one book

Seasoned trainers Richard Hundhausen and Steven Borg provide a thorough and detailed reference to everything that's ADO.NET. This is no small undertaking! The ADO.NET section of the .NET Framework, which you will come to know as System.Data and its related namespaces, delivers more than 200 classes, structures, and enumerations, each containing between five to fifty members. The authors have documented each namespace, including System.Data, System.Data.Common, System.Data.OleDb, System.Data.SqlClient, and System.Data.SqlTypes. In addition, numerous notes about what doesn't work in ADO.NET as advertised, workarounds, and shortcuts are provided.

This book also goes one step further by teaching you how to use ADO.NET with best practices and scads of working code, placing special emphasis on:
* The objects that form the ADO.NET infrastructure
* The relationship between ADO.NET, XML, and SQL Server 2000
* Complete code examples, available in Visual Basic .NET
* Proven "Best Practices" on how to retrieve, manipulate, and update data with ADO.NET and XML

The companion Web site contains code examples in Visual Basic .NET and other resources.

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