10 Projects to Voice Enable Your Web Site
Publisher: Wiley
Final Release Date: June 2003
Pages: 400

Build 10 ready-to-use VoiceXML applications!

Following an introduction to VoiceXML and a review of how to set up your work environment, Mark Miller guides you through the steps to building ten complete programs that utilize VoiceXML and related technologies to create fully functional solutions. Each project begins with a clear problem statement, a walk-through of the solution that you'll build, and a list of the tools and VoiceXML elements you'll use to complete the project. Throughout the projects, Miller shares tips and suggestions for working hands-on with the project. Actual telephone numbers are provided that allow you to access real data to test your results.

The ten example projects are:
* Basic VoiceXML application template
* Linking to multiple resources
* Dynamically outputting contact information, transferring calls, and storing voice messages
* User authentication through voice recognition
* Combining projects 1 through 4 to build a more complex system
* Voice-controlled telephone dialer
* Voice report recorder
* Quiz and survey generator
* Voice interface for a calendar of events
* Voice-enabled FAQ engine

The companion Web site includes:
* All source code from the book
* Extensive documentation of the VoiceXML elements and attributes
* A newsgroup for continued discussion of each project

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