Troubleshooting Campus Networks
Practical Analysis of Cisco and LAN Protocols
By Priscilla Oppenheimer, Joseph Bardwell
Publisher: Wiley
Final Release Date: October 2002
Pages: 608

Essential information on the successful troubleshooting of complexcampus networks

Just as a used car can seem to be in good condition to aninexperienced consumer, a network can also feign an appearance thatall is running smoothly to the unskilled user. Upon closerexamination, though, a true expert can discern when a network is alemon. Network engineers, administrators, and technicians whomanage Cisco and multivendor campus networks know how crucial it isto determine when a network has serious problems and what to doabout them, particularly when that network spans buildings andconsists of wired and wireless technologies. Known as campusnetworks, these networks connect tens, hundreds, or even thousandsof users at businesses, universities, nonprofit organizations, andgovernment agencies. This informative book teaches the use of Ciscoand industry-standard trouble-shooting tools to analyze, diagnose,and fix problems on modern switched and routed networks withinformation that is based on many years of analyzing real-world,diverse, and complex networks. Written by a pair of authors withover forty years of networking experience between them, this bookdiscusses:
Techniques for using protocol analyzers, such as the WildPacketsEtherPeek and AiroPeek products, to recognize and isolate faultynetwork behavior
The OSI Reference Model and the Internet Control Message Protocol(ICMP)
How Ethernet and 802.11 wireless networks work and how totroubleshoot them when they don't
Spanning Tree Protocol, which is used on bridged and switchednetworks, and the configuration and troubleshooting of VLANs
IP addressing, IP routing protocols, TCP, and an overview ofupper-layer TCP/IP protocols
Troubleshooting for Novell NetWare, AppleTalk, and Windowsnetworking
* WAN technology and trouble-shooting from the perspective of theLAN-oriented network engineer

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