Making Use of Python
By Rashi Gupta
Publisher: Wiley
Final Release Date: August 2003
Pages: 416

A step-by-step guide on how to use Python for CGI scripting, GUIdevelopment, network programming, and much more!

Organizations such as NASA, Hewlett-Packard, and Xerox have alreadydiscovered the power that Python has to offer. This multipurposedevelopment language can be used on virtually every platform, fromWindows and Linux to OS/2 and Amiga. With its unique task-orientedapproach, this book explores the language basics and then describeshow to quickly begin using it for development work. Rashi Guptafirst explains why Python is arguably the most sophisticated of thepopular scripting languages and why its popularity continues togrow. She uncovers all of Python's unique features, detailing itsbuilt-in support for critical development steps, including datastructures, dynamic typing, and dynamic building. Gupta thendiscusses how to use Python in lieu of Java or C++ when developingcross-platform applications. All in all, she'll help you gain theskills necessary to begin programming in Python.

With numerous real-world examples and expert advice,thisbook:
Provides a concise and task-oriented introduction to Python
Helps you evaluate the suitability of Python for yourproject
Is a practical introduction to Python's syntax and fundamentalstrengths
Includes numerous working scripts, with information on how toadapt and extend them to meet individual needs

The companion Web site contains:
All source code from the book
Frequently asked questions, quizzes, and best practices
* Links to other resource sites

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