Planning for Survivable Networks
By Annlee A. Hines
Publisher: Wiley
Final Release Date: October 2002
Pages: 336

Keep your network safe from security disasters with a dependablerecovery strategy

Companies are finally learning that a network disaster recoveryplan is mandatory in these times, and they must be prepared to makedifficult choices about network security.

In the information-packed pages of this book, Annlee Hines sharesher unique and diverse work experience. She explains that the firstthing you need, whatever your business may be, is reliableinformation and an idea of what you need to protect, as well aswhat you are protecting it from. She then dives into a discussionof how much you can expect to spend depending on what kind ofsecurity your network requires. She also delves into addressing thevariables that determine why your needs will not necessarily be theneeds of your closest competitor.

Most importantly, Hines writes this valuable material realizingthat you already know how to do your job --it's just that you nowhave to reconsider just how vulnerable the information nervoussystem of your company really is.

From major terrorist attacks to natural disasters to hackers,Annlee Hines explores how to defend your network and reviews suchtopics as:
Probes, viruses, worms, and Trojan horses
The most common vulnerabilities networks face
Understanding and justifying costs
Lessons to be learned from successful defense strategies
Preparing for the worst and the requirements of networksurvival
Remedies, cyber recovery, and restoration

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