Java 2 Micro Edition
Professional Developer's Guide
By Eric Giguère
Publisher: Wiley
Final Release Date: March 2002
Pages: 320

The ultimate guide to programming handheld and embedded devices

Can Java be used effectively on small computing devices? Absolutely, says expert Eric Giguère, as he introduces Java™ 2 Micro Edition (J2ME)-the new release from Sun Microsystems designed specifically to run on small computing devices like cellular telephones or personal digital assistants. Giguère goes on to provide an in-depth tutorial on how to program using this new platform, covering all the concepts, configurations, and implementations you'll need to get started. He clearly explains how J2ME is different from standard Java, and he offers an unbiased view of the programming choices available for the rapidly exploding market of handheld and embedded devices.

You'll find authoritative discussions on a host of highly relevant topics, including:
* Coding strategies for small devices and how J2ME lets you write Java programs that don't take too much memory or processor power
* J2ME specifications, including the configurations and profiles that define the capabilities available to various devices
* KVM and the history of its development
* How to use various J2ME implementations

The CD-ROM contains:
* Java™ 2 Micro Edition specifications and reference implementations
* Early access versions of the Motorola J2ME SDK and the BlackBerry Java Development Environment
* JBuilder Foundation 3.5 and Handheld Express
* Programming samples and utilities

Professional Developer's Guides

The Professional Developer's Guide series provides the first in-depth look at recent or emerging programming technologies. Experienced programmers and developers will find comprehensive coverage of new programming standards as well as code, sample programs, developer's tools, and applications that will make programming for a new technology much easier. "If you take this title for what it is, a line of brief but technically correct overviews of different parts of developing for the handheld world, it is money well spent." (CVu - Jnl of the Association of C & C++ Users, October 2001)

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