The Whole Internet User's Guide & Catalog, Academic Edition
By Ed Krol
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Final Release Date: January 1996
Pages: 609

An exclusive academic edition of the bestselling Internet textbook on the market, The Whole Internet User's Guide & Catalog unlocks the Internet's vast resources. Co-published by O'Reilly & Associates and Integrated Media Group (IMG), an imprint of Wadsworth Publishing Company, and adapted into a textbook by Bruce Klopfenstein, this specialized book covers everything from basics such as electronic mail to the newest developments.By keeping technical language to a minimum, The Whole Internet is completely accessible to novice computer users. This edition adds creative figures depicting network functions to demonstrate otherwise complicated and technical information graphically, and adds research-oriented examples to help you use the Internet for academic research purposes. It also supplies information about news groups and FTP archives, eliminates some of the more complex UNIX information, and expands its glossary and resource listings.Other key elements in The Whole Internet include:

  • An introduction to Netscape Navigator 2.0b
  • An introduction to Multimedia email
  • Coverage of the latest improvements to services including Gopher, Archie, and WAIS
  • An Internet address for students to access additional assignments
  • More information for Windows and Macintosh users
This book is intended for any student who wants to become an expert at accessing the Internet and World Wide Web's tremendous resources. It's a book for university, community college, and high school students and teachers. This revision of the second edition of The Whole Internet is designed for those who want to use the network particularly for research applications. It is not intended in any way as an engineer's guide to internetworking, and you do not need to learn UNIX to use it. Some references to UNIX remain, but those that do are there only for the benefit of those who already know a little bit about UNIX or might choose to learn more. The classroom instructor can certainly help steer his/her students clear of any sections that still sneak into the UNIX world.
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