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Table of Contents

  1. WordPart One\<br />Word

    1. Chapter 1 Basic Word ProcessingBasic Word Processing

      1. New, Open, and the Project GalleryNew, Open, and the Project Gallery
      2. Creating a New DocumentCreating a New Document
      3. Word Processing BasicsWord Processing Basics
      4. A Window into WordA Window into Word
      5. The ViewsThe Views
      6. Every Conceivable Variation on SavingEvery Conceivable Variation on Saving
      7. PrintingPrinting
    2. Chapter 2 Editing in WordEditing in Word

      1. The Many Ways to Select TextThe Many Ways to Select Text
      2. Moving Text AroundMoving Text Around
      3. Navigating Your DocumentsNavigating Your Documents
      4. Finding and ReplacingFinding and Replacing
      5. Spelling and GrammarSpelling and Grammar
      6. Five Ways to Type LessFive Ways to Type Less
    3. Chapter 3 Formatting in WordFormatting in Word

      1. The Formatting PaletteThe Formatting Palette
      2. Character FormattingCharacter Formatting
      3. ListsLists
      4. Paragraph FormattingParagraph Formatting
      5. Document FormattingDocument Formatting
      6. Section FormattingSection Formatting
    4. Chapter 4 Styles, Page Layout, and TablesStyles, Page Layout, <br />and Tables

      1. StylesStyles
      2. Page LayoutPage Layout
      3. Automatic HyphenationAutomatic Hyphenation
      4. Text BoxesText Boxes
      5. Pictures and DrawingsPictures and Drawings
      6. Charts, Spreadsheets, and EquationsCharts, Spreadsheets, and Equations
      7. TablesTables
    5. Chapter 5 Comments, Change Tracking, and VersionsComments, Change Tracking, and Versions

      1. CommentsComments
      2. Change TrackingChange Tracking
      3. Comparing DocumentsComparing Documents
      4. VersioningVersioning
    6. Chapter 6 Advanced Word ProcessingAdvanced <br />Word Processing

      1. Headers and FootersHeaders and Footers
      2. Footnotes and EndnotesFootnotes and Endnotes
      3. Line NumbersLine Numbers
      4. TemplatesTemplates
      5. The OutlinerThe Outliner
      6. The Document MapThe Document Map
      7. Master DocumentsMaster Documents
      8. AutoSummarizeAutoSummarize
      9. Working with FieldsWorking with Fields
      10. BookmarksBookmarks
      11. CaptionsCaptions
      12. Cross-ReferencesCross-References
      13. Creating a Table of ContentsCreating a Table of Contents
      14. IndexingIndexing
      15. Data MergesData Merges
      16. Working with MacrosWorking with Macros
    7. Chapter 7 Word Meets WebWord Meets Web

      1. Word as Web BrowserWord as Web Browser
      2. Creating a Web Page in WordCreating a Web Page in Word
      3. Graphics, Sounds, and MoviesGraphics, Sounds, and Movies
      4. HyperlinksHyperlinks
      5. Web FormsWeb Forms
      6. Saving Web PagesSaving Web Pages
  2. EntouragePart Two\<br />Entourage

    1. Chapter 8 Entourage Email and NewsgroupsEntourage Email and Newsgroups

      1. The Big PictureThe Big Picture
      2. Setting Up EntourageSetting Up Entourage
      3. Sending and Receiving MailSending and Receiving Mail
      4. NewsgroupsNewsgroups
    2. Chapter 9 Entourage Calendar and TasksEntourage Calendar and Tasks

      1. The CalendarThe Calendar
      2. Recording EventsRecording Events
      3. What to Do with an AppointmentWhat to Do with an Appointment
      4. Saving Calendars as Web PagesSaving Calendars as Web Pages
      5. TasksTasks
      6. Office NotificationsOffice Notifications
    3. Chapter 10 Entourage Address Book and NotesEntourage Address Book and Notes

      1. Address BookAddress Book
      2. The Note PadThe Note Pad
    4. Chapter 11 Advanced EntourageAdvanced Entourage

      1. Palm SynchronizationPalm Synchronization
      2. Multiple IdentitiesMultiple Identities
      3. Finding MessagesFinding Messages
      4. LinksLinks
      5. CategoriesCategories
      6. Checking Your SpellingChecking Your Spelling
      7. The Script MenuThe Script Menu
  3. ExcelPart Three\<br />Excel

    1. Chapter 12 Basic ExcelBasic Excel

      1. Spreadsheet BasicsSpreadsheet Basics
      2. Formula FundamentalsFormula Fundamentals
      3. Excel, the List MakerExcel, the List Maker
    2. Chapter 13 Formatting and ChartsFormatting and Charts

      1. Formatting WorksheetsFormatting Worksheets
      2. ChartsCharts
      3. Printing WorksheetsPrinting Worksheets
    3. Chapter 14 Advanced SpreadsheetingAdvanced Spreadsheeting

      1. Workbooks and WorksheetsWorkbooks and Worksheets
      2. Advanced Formula MagicAdvanced Formula Magic
      3. Working with DatabasesWorking with Databases
      4. Opening the Excel ToolboxOpening the Excel Toolbox
      5. Macros: Making Excel Work for YouMacros\ Making Excel Work for You
  4. PowerPointPart Four\<br />PowerPoint

    1. Chapter 15 Basic PowerPointBasic PowerPoint

      1. The Big PictureThe Big Picture
      2. Step 1: Specify a DesignStep 1\ Specify a Design
      3. Step 2: Writing the OutlineStep 2\ Writing the Outline
      4. Step 3: Building the ShowStep 3\ Building the Show
      5. How to Build a SlideHow to Build a Slide
    2. Chapter 16 Advanced PowerPointAdvanced PowerPoint

      1. Making a Slide ShowMaking a Slide Show
      2. Multimedia EffectsMultimedia Effects
      3. Printing Your PresentationPrinting Your Presentation
  5. Microsoft Office as a WholePart Five\<br />Microsoft Office as a Whole

    1. Chapter 17 Customizing OfficeCustomizing Office

      1. Customizing Your ToolbarsCustomizing Your Toolbars
      2. Redesigning Your MenusRedesigning Your Menus
      3. Reassigning Key CombinationsReassigning Key Combinations
    2. Chapter 18 The Graphics Programs of Office XThe Graphics Programs of Office X

      1. Inserting a GraphicInserting a Graphic
      2. The Clip GalleryThe Clip Gallery
      3. AutoShapes and WordArtAutoShapes and WordArt
      4. Lines and Shapes: The Drawing ToolbarLines and Shapes\ The Drawing Toolbar
      5. Formatting Pictures and DrawingsFormatting Pictures and Drawings
      6. The Picture ToolbarThe Picture Toolbar
      7. Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)
      8. Organization ChartOrganization Chart
      9. Equation EditorEquation Editor
      10. Microsoft GraphMicrosoft Graph
      11. Windows Media PlayerWindows Media Player
  6. AppendixesPart Six\<br />Appendixes

    1. Appendix A Installation and TroubleshootingInstallation and Troubleshooting

      1. Installing OfficeInstalling Office
    2. Appendix B The Office Help SystemThe Office Help System

      1. The AssistantThe Assistant
      2. The Help IndexThe Help Index
      3. Web-Based HelpWeb-Based Help
  1. ColophonColophon