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Table of Contents

  1. Building a Web PagePart One Building a Web Page

    1. Chapter 1 Dreamweaver MX Guided TourDreamweaver MX Guided Tour

      1. Welcome to Dreamweaver MXWelcome to Dreamweaver MX
      2. The Dreamweaver MX InterfaceThe Dreamweaver MX Interface
      3. The Dreamweaver Test DriveThe Dreamweaver Test Drive
    2. Chapter 2 Adding Text to Your Web PagesAdding Text toYour Web Pages

      1. Adding Text in DreamweaverAdding Text in Dreamweaver
      2. Copying and Pasting TextCopying and Pasting Text
      3. Importing HTML from WordImporting HTML from Word
      4. Selecting TextSelecting Text
      5. Spell CheckingSpell Checking
      6. Undo, Redo, and the History PanelUndo, Redo, and the History Panel
    3. Chapter 3 Text FormattingText Formatting

      1. Paragraph FormattingParagraph Formatting\tab
      2. ListsLists
      3. Character FormattingCharacter Formatting
      4. HTML StylesHTML Styles
    4. Chapter 4 LinksLinks

      1. Understanding LinksUnderstanding Links
      2. Adding a LinkAdding a Link
      3. Adding an Email LinkAdding an Email Link
      4. Linking Within a Web PageLinking Within a Web Page
      5. Modifying a LinkModifying a Link
    5. Chapter 5 ImagesImages

      1. Adding ImagesAdding Images
      2. Modifying an ImageModifying an Image
      3. Editing ImagesEditing Images
      4. Image MapsImage Maps
      5. Rollover ImagesRollover Images
      6. Flash ButtonsFlash Buttons
      7. Flash TextFlash Text
      8. Tutorial: Adding RolloversTutorial Adding Rollovers
  2. Building a Better Web PagePart Two Building a Better Web Page

    1. Chapter 6 TablesTables

      1. Table BasicsTable Basics
      2. Layout ViewLayout View
      3. Inserting a Table in Standard ViewInserting a Table in Standard View
      4. Selecting Parts of a Table in Standard ViewSelecting Parts of a Table in Standard View
      5. Formatting TablesFormatting Tables
      6. Modifying Cell and Row Properties in Standard ViewModifying Cell and Row Properties in Standard View
      7. Adding and Removing Rows and ColumnsAdding and Removing Rows and Columns
      8. Merging and Splitting CellsMerging and Splitting Cells
      9. Nesting Tables in Standard ViewNesting Tables in Standard View
      10. Tabular DataTabular Data
      11. Tables TutorialTables Tutorial
    2. Chapter 7 FramesFrames

      1. The Frame PageThe Frame Page
      2. Creating FramesCreating Frames
      3. Selecting Frames and FramesetsSelecting Frames and Framesets
      4. Saving Framesets and FramesSaving Framesets and Frames
      5. Frame and Frameset PropertiesFrame and Frameset Properties
      6. Targeting LinksTargeting Links
      7. Inserting a Navigation BarInserting a Navigation Bar
      8. Frames TutorialFrames Tutorial
    3. Chapter 8 Cascading Style SheetsCascading Style Sheets

      1. Cascading Style Sheet BasicsCascading Style Sheet Basics
      2. Creating StylesCreating Styles
      3. Using StylesUsing Styles
      4. Manipulating StylesManipulating Styles
      5. More About StylesMore About Styles
      6. Style PropertiesStyle Properties
      7. Cascading Style Sheets TutorialCascading Style Sheets Tutorial
    4. Chapter 9 Under the Hood: HTMLUnder the Hood HTML

      1. Roundtrip HTML Roundtrip HTML
      2. Code ViewCode View
      3. Quick Tag EditorQuick Tag Editor
      4. Tag InspectorTag Inspector
      5. Reference PanelReference Panel
      6. Inserting JavaScriptInserting JavaScript
  3. Bringing Your Pages to LifePart Three Bringing Your Pages to Life

    1. Chapter 10 FormsForms

      1. Form BasicsForm Basics
      2. Creating a FormCreating a Form
      3. Adding Form ElementsAdding Form Elements
      4. Validating FormsValidating Forms
      5. Forms TutorialForms Tutorial
    2. Chapter 11 Dreamweaver BehaviorsDreamweaver Behaviors

      1. Understanding BehaviorsUnderstanding Behaviors
      2. Applying BehaviorsApplying Behaviors
      3. Events for 4.0 BrowsersEvents for 4.0 Browsers
      4. The Actions, One by OneThe Actions, One by One
      5. Adding More BehaviorsAdding More Behaviors
    3. Chapter 12 Layers: Interactivity and AnimationLayers Interactivity and Animation

      1. Creating LayersCreating Layers
      2. Modifying Layer PropertiesModifying Layer Properties
      3. Hiding and Showing LayersHiding and Showing Layers
      4. Creating Draggable LayersCreating Draggable Layers
      5. Animating LayersAnimating Layers
      6. Controlling PlaybackControlling Playback
    4. Chapter 13 Flash, Shockwave, and Other MultimediaFlash, Shockwave, and Other Multimedia

      1. FlashFlash
      2. ShockwaveShockwave
      3. Java AppletsJava Applets
      4. ActiveX ControlsActiveX Controls
      5. Plug-insPlug-ins
  4. Building a Web SitePart Four Building a Web Site

    1. Chapter 14 Introducing Site ManagementIntroducing Site Management

      1. Structuring a Web SiteStructuring a Web Site
      2. Viewing a Site MapViewing a Site Map
      3. Site AssetsSite Assets
    2. Chapter 15 Testing Your SiteTesting Your Site

      1. Site Launch ChecklistSite Launch Checklist
      2. Check Target BrowsersCheck Target Browsers
      3. Validating Web PagesValidating Web Pages
      4. Find and Fix Broken LinksFind and Fix Broken Links
      5. Cleaning Up HTML Cleaning Up HTML
      6. Site ReportingSite Reporting
      7. AccessibilityAccessibility
      8. Download StatisticsDownload Statistics
    3. Chapter 16 Moving Your Site to the InternetMoving Your Siteto the Internet

      1. Defining a Remote SiteDefining a Remote Site
      2. Transferring FilesTransferring Files
      3. Check In and Check OutCheck In and Check Out
      4. Synchronizing Site FilesSynchronizing Site Files
      5. Communicating with Design NotesCommunicating with Design Notes
  5. Dreamweaver MX PowerPart Five Dreamweaver MX Power

    1. Chapter 17 Snippets and LibrariesSnippets and Libraries

      1. Snippets BasicsSnippets Basics
      2. Using SnippetsUsing Snippets
      3. Creating SnippetsCreating Snippets
      4. Built-in SnippetsBuilt-in Snippets
      5. Library BasicsLibrary Basics
      6. Create and Use Library ItemsCreate and Use Library Items
      7. Edit Library ItemsEdit Library Items
      8. Library TutorialLibrary Tutorial
    2. Chapter 18 TemplatesTemplates

      1. Template BasicsTemplate Basics
      2. Create a TemplateCreate a Template
      3. Define Editable RegionsDefine Editable Regions
      4. Adding Optional RegionsAdding Optional Regions
      5. Nested TemplatesNested Templates
      6. Building Pages Based on a TemplateBuilding Pages Based on a Template
      7. Update a TemplateUpdate a Template
      8. Template TutorialTemplate Tutorial
    3. Chapter 19 Automating DreamweaverAutomating Dreamweaver

      1. The History Panel RevisitedThe History Panel Revisited
      2. Create Web Photo AlbumCreate Web Photo Album
      3. Find and ReplaceFind and Replace
    4. Chapter 20 Customizing Dreamweaver

      1. Keyboard Shortcuts
      2. Dreamweaver Extensions
  6. Dynamic, Database-Driven DreamweaverPart Six Dynamic, Database-Driven Dreamweaver

    1. Chapter 21 Getting Started with Dynamic Web SitesGetting Started with Dynamic Web Sites

      1. Pieces of the PuzzlePieces of the Puzzle
      2. Setting Up Dreamweaver for Dynamic Web SitesSetting Up Dreamweaver for Dynamic Web Sites
      3. Databases Explained (in Five Minutes or Less)Databases Explained (in Five Minutes or Less)
      4. Connecting Dreamweaver to a DatabaseConnecting Dreamweaver to a Database
      5. Creating a Dynamic PageCreating a Dynamic Page
      6. Connecting Dreamweaver to a DatabaseConnecting Dreamweaver to a Database
      7. Exploring the Databases PanelExploring the Databases Panel
    2. Chapter 22 Adding Dynamic Data to Your PagesAdding Dynamic Data to Your Pages

      1. Retrieving InformationRetrieving Information
      2. Adding Dynamic InformationAdding Dynamic Information
      3. Displaying Multiple RecordsDisplaying Multiple Records
      4. Recordset NavigationRecordset Navigation
      5. Viewing Live Data Within DreamweaverViewing Live Data Within Dreamweaver
      6. Master Detail Page SetMaster Detail Page Set
      7. Passing Information Between PagesPassing Information Between Pages
      8. Tutorial: Displaying Database InformationTutorial Displaying Database Information
    3. Chapter 23 Web Pages that Manipulate Database RecordsWeb Pages that Manipulate Database Records

      1. Adding DataAdding Data
      2. Updating Database RecordsUpdating Database Records
      3. Dynamic Form FieldsDynamic Form Fields
      4. Deleting RecordsDeleting Records
      5. Tutorial: Inserting and Updating DataTutorial Inserting and Updating Data
    4. Chapter 24 Advanced Dynamic Site FeaturesAdvanced Dynamic Site Features

      1. Password Protecting Web PagesPassword Protecting Web Pages
      2. Additional Data SourcesAdditional Data Sources
      3. Advanced Server BehaviorsAdvanced Server Behaviors
      4. Tutorial: AuthenticationTutorial Authentication
  7. Appendix

    1. Appendix Getting Help

      1. Getting Help from Dreamweaver
      2. Getting Help from Macromedia
      3. Help from the Real World
      4. Help with Extensions
  1. ColophonColophon