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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Making the Most of Windows XP

    1. What IS an Annoyance?

    2. A Brief History of Time, Re: MS Windows

    3. Transition to Windows XP

  2. Chapter 2 Basic Explorer Coping Skills

    1. Working with Explorer

    2. Handling Files and Folders

    3. Regaining Control of the Desktop

  3. Chapter 3 The Registry

    1. Getting to Know the Registry Editor

    2. Registry Tips and Solutions

  4. Chapter 4 Tinkering Techniques

    1. Customizing Your Desktop

    2. Covering Your Tracks

    3. File Types: The Link Between Documents and Applications

    4. Cool Things You Can Do with Drives and Folders

  5. Chapter 5 Maximizing Performance

    1. Eliminating Software Bottlenecks

    2. Squeezing Performance Out of Your Hard Disk

    3. Fine-Tuning and Upgrading Hardware Components

  6. Chapter 6 Troubleshooting

    1. General Troubleshooting Techniques

    2. Specific Software Issues

    3. Dealing with Drivers and Other Tales of Hardware Troubleshooting

    4. Fixing Device-Specific Problems

    5. Preventive Maintenance and Data Recovery

  7. Chapter 7 Networking and Internetworking

    1. Getting Started with Networking

    2. Step-by-Step Procedures

    3. Securing Your System on a Network

  8. Chapter 8 User Accounts and Administration

    1. Managing Users

    2. Sharing Files and Printers

  9. Chapter 9 Scripting and Automation

    1. Building a Script with VBScript

    2. Running Applications from Scripts

    3. Accessing the Registry from Scripts

    4. Manipulating Files from Scripts

    5. Creating Windows Shortcuts and Internet Shortcuts in Scripts

    6. Networking with Scripts

    7. Manipulating Internet Explorer from Scripts

    8. Using Command-Line Parameters in Scripts

    9. Managing Services with Scripts

    10. Writing CGI Scripts for a Web Server

    11. Making a Startup Script

    12. Deciphering Script Errors

    13. Finding a Better Editor

    14. Further Study

    15. Automating Scripts with Scheduled Tasks

    16. Wacky Script Ideas

  10. Chapter 10 Installing Windows XP

    1. Installing the Operating System

    2. Migrating to Windows XP

    3. Making Room for Windows

    4. Advanced Topics

  1. Appendix A Setting Locator

    1. Alphabetical Listing of All Windows XP Settings: A-M

    2. Alphabetical Listing of All Windows XP Settings: N-W

  2. Appendix B BIOS Settings

  3. Appendix C Command Prompt Crash Course

    1. DOS Commands

    2. Batch Files—The Other Way to Do It

    3. Turn the Address Bar into a Command Prompt

  4. Appendix D TCP/IP Ports

  5. Appendix E Error Messages (Blue Screen of Death)

    1. Alphabetical List of BSoD Errors

  6. Colophon