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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Files

    1. Hacks #1-12

    2. Understanding and Hacking Your User Account

    3. Taking the Bite Out of Backup

    4. Backing Up on the Go

    5. Dealing with Archives of Many Colors: .img, .sit, .tar, .gz

    6. A Line Break Is a Line Break

    7. Fiddling with Type/Creator Codes and File Extensions

    8. Locking and Unlocking Files

    9. Stubborn Trash, Stuck Images, and Jammed CDs

    10. Aliases, Symlinks, and Hard Links

    11. Recent Filenames

    12. Inspecting the Contents of an .app Package

    13. Opening Microsoft Word Documents Without Microsoft Word

  2. Chapter 2 Startup

    1. Hacks #13-17

    2. Getting a Glimpse of the Boot Process

    3. Booting from Another Device

    4. Turning Your Mac into a Hard Drive

    5. Using Open Firmware Password Protection

    6. OS X for This Old Mac

  3. Chapter 3 Multimedia and the iApps

    1. Hacks #18-32

    2. Top iChat Tips

    3. AIM Alternatives

    4. Printing to PDF or Bitmapped Image

    5. Image Conversion in a Pinch

    6. Top 10 iPhoto Tips

    7. Make Your Own Documentary

    8. From Slideshow to Video Presentation

    9. Hijacking Audio from Mac Apps

    10. Running Your Own Web Radio Station

    11. Sharing Your Listening Preferences

    12. Controlling iTunes with Perl

    13. iCal Calling iTunes

    14. Publishing and Subscribing to iCal Calendars

    15. Using Bluetooth for SMS and Phone-Call Handling

    16. iSync via Bluetooth

  4. Chapter 4 The User Interface

    1. Hacks #33-47

    2. Finding Your Way Back to the Desktop

    3. Alt-Tab Alt-Ternatives

    4. Putting Things in the Apple Menu

    5. Keeping Your Snippets Organized

    6. LaunchBar, a Dock Alternative

    7. DockSwap, Another Dock Alternative

    8. Tinkering with Your User Interface

    9. Extending Your Screen Real Estate with Virtual Desktops

    10. Top Screenshot Tips

    11. Checking Your Mac’s Pulse

    12. Screensaver as Desktop

    13. Dipping Your Pen into Inkwell

    14. Speakable Web Services

    15. Using AppleScript in Contextual Menus

    16. Prying the Chrome Off Cocoa Applications

  5. Chapter 5 Unix and the Terminal

    1. Hacks #48-65

    2. Introducing the Terminal

    3. More Terminal Tricks and Tips

    4. Becoming an Administrator for a Moment

    5. Editing Special Unix Files

    6. Setting Shell Environment Variables

    7. Scheduling with System Tasks and Other Events

    8. Opening Things from the Command Line

    9. Introducing and Installing the Mac OS X Developer Tools

    10. Top 10 Mac OS X Tips for Unix Geeks

    11. Turning a Command-Line Script into an Application

    12. Installing Unix Applications with Fink

    13. Mirroring Files and Directories with rsync

    14. Using CVS to Manage Data on Multiple Machines

    15. Downloading Files from the Command Line

    16. Software Update on the Command Line

    17. Interacting with the Unix Shell from AppleScript

    18. Running AppleScripts on a Regular Basis Automatically

    19. Running Linux on an iBook

  6. Chapter 6 Networking

    1. Hacks #66-78

    2. Anatomy of an Internet Shortcut

    3. Renewing Your DHCP-Assigned IP address

    4. Sharing an Internet Connection

    5. Creating a One-Wire Network

    6. Secure Tunneling with VPN or SSH

    7. Remotely Log In to Another Machine via SSH

    8. Running Windows on and from a Mac

    9. Sharing Files Between Mac and Windows PCs

    10. Mounting a WebDAV Share

    11. Mounting a Remote FTP Directory

    12. Exchanging a File via Bluetooth

    13. Using Your Cell Phone as a Bluetooth Modem

    14. Setting Up Domain Name Service

  7. Chapter 7 Email

    1. Hacks #79-84

    2. Taming the Entourage Database

    3. Using IMAP with Apple’s Mail Application

    4. Setting Up IMAP and POP Mail Servers

    5. Getting sendmail Up and Running

    6. Downloading POP Mail with fetchmail

    7. Creating Mail Aliases

  8. Chapter 8 The Web

    1. Hacks #85-98

    2. Searching the Internet from Your Desktop

    3. Saving Web Pages for Offline Reading

    4. Reading Syndicated Online Content

    5. Serving Up a Web Site with the Built-In Apache Server

    6. Editing the Apache Web Server’s Configuration

    7. Build Your Own Apache Server with mod_perl

    8. AppleScript CGI with ACGI Dispatcher

    9. Turning on CGI

    10. Turning on PHP

    11. Turning on Server-Side Includes (SSI)

    12. Turning on WebDAV

    13. Controlling Web-Server Access by Hostname or IP Address

    14. Controlling Web-Server Access by Username and Group

    15. Directory Aliasing, Indexing, and Autoindexing

  9. Chapter 9 Databases

    1. Hacks #99-100

    2. Installing the MySQL Database

    3. Installing the PostgreSQL Database

  1. Colophon