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Table of Contents

  1. Setting Up Your Network

    1. Chapter 1 Planning Your Home Network

      1. Home Networking Hardware
      2. Home Networking Software
      3. Wired Networks
      4. Wireless Networks
      5. Choosing Between Wired and Wireless
    2. Chapter 2 Creating a Wired Network the Ethernet Way

      1. Ethernet Hardware
      2. A Basic Network Setup
      3. Manually Configuring Your Router
      4. Going Hybrid?
    3. Chapter 3 Setting Up a Wireless Network

      1. A WiFi Network's Main Ingredients
      2. Time to Learn Your A-B-Gs
      3. Picking Out Your Wireless Hardware
      4. Setting Up a Basic Wireless Network
      5. Manually Configuring Your Router
      6. Securing Your Wireless Network
      7. Going Hybrid?
    4. Chapter 4 Setting Up a Powerline Network

      1. Deciding If Powerline Is Right for You
      2. Picking Out Powerline Hardware
      3. Setting Up a Basic Powerline Network
      4. Securing Your Powerline Network
      5. Going Hybrid?
  2. Using Your Network

    1. Chapter 5 Using the Network with Windows Computers

      1. Naming PCs on the Network
      2. Creating and Managing User Accounts
      3. Sharing Your PC's Files and Folders
      4. Sharing Your PC's Printer
      5. Accessing Files on Other PCs
      6. Using Printers on Other PCs
    2. Chapter 6 Using the Network with Macintosh Computers

      1. Naming Macs on the Network
      2. Creating User Accounts and Groups
      3. Sharing Your Mac's Files and Folders
      4. Sharing Your Mac's Printer
      5. Accessing Other Macs on Your Network
    3. Chapter 7 Mixing Macintosh and Windows Computers

      1. Connecting from Mac OS X to Windows
      2. Connecting from Mac OS 9 to Windows
      3. Connecting from Windows to a Mac
      4. Printing across the Network
    4. Chapter 8 Fun and Games with Your Network

      1. Playing a PC's Music on a Stereo
      2. Displaying Your PC's Photos on Your TV
      3. Adding Storage to Your Network
      4. Playing Video Games on Your Network
    5. Chapter 9 Using Your Network on the Road

      1. Connecting to Your Windows PCs
      2. Using Dialing Direct
      3. Using GoToMyPC
      4. Connecting to Your Macs
      5. Using the Mac's File Sharing Tool
      6. Remote Access with SSH
  1. Appendix A The Macintosh Keychain

    1. Stringing Your Passwords on the Keychain

    2. Locking and Unlocking the Keychain

    3. Managing Keychains

  2. Appendix B Multiple User Accounts in Mac OS 9

    1. Creating a New Multiple User Account

    2. Logging In Using a Multiple User Account

  3. Colophon