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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Consuming PDF

    1. Introduction: Hacks #1-14

    2. Read PDFs with the Adobe Reader

    3. Read PDFs with Mac OS X's Preview

    4. Read PDFs with Ghostscript's GSview

    5. Speed Up Acrobat Startup

    6. Manage Acrobat Plug-Ins with Profiles on Windows

    7. Open PDF Files Your Way on Windows

    8. Copy Data from PDF Pages

    9. Convert PDF Documents to Word

    10. Browse One PDF in Multiple Windows

    11. Pace Your Reading or Present a Slideshow in Acrobat or Reader

    12. Pace Your Reading or Present a Slideshow in Mac OS X Preview

    13. Unpack PDF Attachments (Even Without Acrobat)

    14. Jump to the Next or Previous Heading

    15. Navigate and Manipulate PDF Using Page Thumbnails

  2. Chapter 2 Managing a Collection

    1. Introduction: Hacks #15-23

    2. Bookmark PDF Pages in Reader

    3. Create Windows Shortcuts to Online PDF Pages with Acrobat

    4. Create Windows Shortcuts to Local PDF Pages

    5. Turn PDF Bookmarks into Windows Shortcuts

    6. Generate Document Keywords

    7. Index and Search Local PDF Collections on Windows

    8. Spinning Document Portals

    9. Spinning Collection Portals

    10. Identify Related PDFs

  3. Chapter 3 Authoring and Self-Publishing: Hacking Outside the PDF

    1. Introduction: Hacks #24-31

    2. Keep Your Source Smart

    3. Convey Your Document's Value with Good Design

    4. Create Charts and Graphs from Raw Data

    5. Become a Publisher

    6. Print at Home, at the Office, or at Kinko's

    7. Publish POD and E-books

    8. Sell Through Amazon

    9. Sell Your Book, Sell Yourself

  4. Chapter 4 Creating PDF and Other Editions

    1. Introduction: Hacks #32-50

    2. Create Interactive PDF with Your Word Processor

    3. Create a Printable, On-Screen Edition from Word

    4. Multipurpose PDF

    5. Create an HTML Edition from Your Word Processor

    6. Create a Handheld Edition from Your HTML

    7. Convert Documents from Tools You Don't Own to PDF

    8. Acrobat Distiller and Its Profiles

    9. Print to PDF with Ghostscript and RedMon on Windows

    10. Save As PDF with Mac OS X

    11. Maximize PDF Portability

    12. Configure Distiller and Ghostscript for Your Purpose

    13. Embed and Subset Fonts to Your Advantage

    14. Share a PDF Network Printer with Samba

    15. Print to Image and Other Rasterizing Options

    16. Print to SVG

    17. Print Over the Internet

    18. Create a PDF Album of Your Digital Pictures

    19. Print to Fax on Windows

    20. Convert Incoming Faxes to PDF on Linux

  5. Chapter 5 Manipulating PDF Files

    1. Introduction: Hacks #51-73

    2. Split and Merge PDF Documents (Even Without Acrobat)

    3. Encrypt and Decrypt PDF (Even Without Acrobat)

    4. Add PDF Encryption Actions to Windows Context Menus

    5. Add Attachments to Your PDF (Even Without Acrobat)

    6. Easily Attach Your Document's Tables

    7. Add PDF Attachment Actions to Windows Context Menus

    8. Create a Traditional Index Section from Keywords

    9. Rasterize Intricate Artwork with Illustrator or Photoshop

    10. Crop Pages for Clarity

    11. Refry Before Posting Documents Online

    12. Copy Features from One PDF to Another

    13. Polish Your PDF Edition

    14. Add and Maintain PDF Bookmarks

    15. Get and Set PDF Metadata

    16. Add a Web-Style Navigation Bar to PDF Pages

    17. Copy-Protect Your PDF

    18. Support Online PDF Reading

    19. Force PDF Download Rather than Online Reading

    20. Hyperlink HTML to PDF Pages

    21. Create an HTML Table of Contents from PDF Bookmarks

    22. PDF Web Skins

    23. Share PDF Comments Online (Even Without Acrobat)

    24. Tally Topic Popularity

  6. Chapter 6 Dynamic PDF

    1. Introduction: Hacks #74-92

    2. Collect Data with Online PDF Forms

    3. Serve Filled-Out PDF Forms

    4. Drive PDF Forms with Your Data

    5. PDF Form-Filling Sessions

    6. Permanently Merge a PDF Form and its Data

    7. Tool Up with pdftk

    8. Decipher and Navigate PDF at the Text Level

    9. Edit PDF Code Freely

    10. Integrate pdftk with gVim for Seamless PDF Editing

    11. Modify PDF Hyperlinks at Serve-Time

    12. Tailor PDF Text at Serve-Time

    13. Use HTML to Create PDF

    14. Use Perl to Create PDF

    15. Use PHP to Create PDF

    16. Use Java to Create PDF

    17. Assemble Pages and Serve PDF

    18. Superimpose PDF Pages

    19. Generate PDF Documents from XML and CSS

    20. Create PDF with XSL-FO and FOP

  7. Chapter 7 Scripting and Programming Acrobat

    1. Introduction: Hacks #93-100

    2. Modify or Convert Batches of Documents

    3. Script Acrobat Using Visual Basic on Windows

    4. Script Acrobat Using Perl on Windows

    5. Customize Acrobat Using JavaScript

    6. Tool Up for Acrobat Plug-In Development

    7. Explore the Acrobat SDK Documentation and Examples

    8. Use Acrobat Plug-Ins to Extend PDF

    9. PostScript and PDF Games

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