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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Screening Investments

    1. Hacks #1-6

    2. Screen Savings Rates

    3. Screen Fixed-Income Investments

    4. Screen Loan and Mortgage Rates

    5. Fast and Free Stock Screening Tools

    6. Build Industrial Strength-Stock Screens

    7. Weed Out Results

  2. Chapter 2 Hacking Excel for Financial Analysis

    1. Hacks #7-13

    2. Download Data Using Excel Web Queries

    3. Make Good and Bad Values Stand Out

    4. Make Nested Functions Work in Excel

    5. Prevent Growth Calculations from Blowing Up

    6. Flexible Techniques for Referencing Data

    7. Add Conditional Commentary

    8. Create Financial Charts in Excel

  3. Chapter 3 Collecting Financial Data

    1. Hacks #14-24

    2. Fathoming Financial Statements

    3. Download Mutual Fund Data

    4. Choose Your Favorite Flavor of Data

    5. Obtain Price Quotes

    6. Download Historical Price Files

    7. Download Financial Statements

    8. The Best Data for Free

    9. The Best Data for a Fee

    10. Download News

    11. Locate the Competition

    12. Obtain Averages for an Industry and the Competition

    13. Create Alerts

  4. Chapter 4 Analyzing Company Fundamentals

    1. Hacks #25-45

    2. Investing in Growth

    3. Insisting on Quality

    4. Buying Good Value

    5. Calculate Percentage Change for Growth and Return

    6. Calculate Compound Annual Rates of Growth

    7. Calculate Price and Dividend Ratios

    8. Calculate Additional Valuation Ratios

    9. Calculate Financial Strength Ratios

    10. Calculate Management Effectiveness Ratios

    11. Calculate Turnover Ratios

    12. Calculate Profitability Ratios

    13. Compare Year-to-Year Results

    14. Compare Several Competitors to Identify the Strongest Candidate

    15. Measure Earnings Predictability in Excel

    16. Use Rational Values to Buy and Sell Wisely

    17. Are You Walking on the Wild Side?

    18. Use Ready-Made Fundamental Analysis Applications

    19. Spot Hanky Panky with Cash Flow Analysis

    20. Use Online Analysis Tools

    21. Find the Best Free Excel Tools for Fundamental Analysis

    22. Find the Best Excel Tools for Fundamental Analysis for a Fee

    23. Analyze Real Estate Investment Trusts

    24. Bank on Banks

    25. Steps to Building a Financial Analysis Template

  5. Chapter 5 Technical Analysis

    1. Hacks #46-53

    2. A Short History of Technical Analysis

    3. Computers and Technical Analysis

    4. Technical Charts

    5. The Importance of Money Management

    6. Use Line and Bar Charts

    7. Light the Way with Candlestick Charts

    8. Point and Figure Charts

    9. Look for Patterns in Technical Charts

    10. What’s Volume Got to Do with It?

    11. How to Use Indicators and Oscillators

    12. Support and Resistance

    13. The Best Tools for Technical Analysis

  6. Chapter 6 Executing Trades

    1. Hacks #54-58

    2. Pick the Right Type of Trade

    3. Execute After-Hours Trades

    4. Sell Fractional Shares

    5. Build Your Own Mutual Funds

    6. Buy Bonds Online

  7. Chapter 7 Investing in Mutual Funds

    1. Hacks #59-72

    2. Mutual Funds Are Here to Stay

    3. It’s Your Money

    4. Index Funds, Anyone?

    5. Why Don’t My Funds Perform as Well as Others?

    6. Calculate the Damage of Mutual Fund Expenses

    7. Analyze the Hidden Costs of Fund Turnover

    8. The Taxman Cometh for Your Fund Returns

    9. Evaluate Short-Term and Long-Term Returns

    10. Manage Interest Rate Risk with Bond Fund Duration

    11. Evaluate Mutual Funds

    12. The Best Mutual Fund Screens for Free

    13. The Best Mutual Fund Screens for a Fee

    14. Beware of the Closet Index Fund

    15. Spot Mutual Funds That Don’t Play Fair

    16. Know When to Fold ‘Em

    17. Comparison-Shop for Mutual Funds

    18. Compare Mutual Funds Online

  8. Chapter 8 Managing Your Portfolio

    1. Hacks #73-86

    2. What Is Portfolio Management?

    3. Tracking Results

    4. Build an Online Portfolio

    5. Asset Allocation: Less Risk on the Road to Returns

    6. Keep Allocation in Line

    7. The Best Portfolio Management Tools for Free

    8. The Best Portfolio Management Tools for a Fee

    9. Portfolio Management with Excel

    10. Take the Sting Out of Portfolio Management

    11. Use Bonds in a Portfolio

    12. Calculate Investment Return Over Different Time Periods

    13. Compare Your Return to a Benchmark

    14. Forecast Future Returns

    15. Compare Returns for Alternative Investments

    16. Assess Portfolio Quality

    17. Flag Fundamental Sell Signals

  9. Chapter 9 Financial Planning

    1. Hacks #87-100

    2. Choose the Right Type of Account

    3. Choose an Online Broker

    4. Pick the Best Broker for Your Trading Style

    5. Save Up for Something Good

    6. Up, Up, and Away: The Cost of College

    7. Let Me Count the Ways to Save for College

    8. A College Savings Plan in Every State

    9. Balance Risk and Return for College Costs

    10. When It’s Time to Break the College Savings Piggy Bank

    11. Save for Retirement While Still Enjoying Yourself

    12. Juggle Multiple Objectives

    13. Get Out of Debt Before Debt Takes It Out of You

    14. Find a Financial Planner

    15. Build a Ladder of Fixed-Income Investments

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