Books & Videos

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Mapping Your Life

    1. Hacks 1-13

    2. Put a Map on It: Mapping Arbitrary Locations with Online Services

    3. Route Planning Online

    4. Map the Places You've Visited

    5. Find Your House on an Aerial Photograph

    6. The Road Less Traveled by in MapQuest

    7. Make Route Maps Easier to Read

    8. Will the Kids Barf?

    9. Publish Maps of Your Photos on the Web

    10. Track the Friendly Skies with Sherlock

    11. Georeference Digital Photos

    12. How Far? How Fast? Geo-Enabling Your Spreadsheet

    13. Create a Distance Grid in Excel

    14. Add Maps to Excel Spreadsheets with MapPoint

  2. Chapter 2 Mapping Your Neighborhood

    1. Hacks 14-21

    2. Make Free Maps of the United States Online

    3. Zoom Right In on Your Neighborhood

    4. Who Are the Neighbors Voting For?

    5. Map Nearby Wi-Fi Hotspots

    6. Why You Can't Watch Broadcast TV

    7. Analyze Elevation Profiles for Wireless Community Networks

    8. Make 3-D Raytraced Terrain Models

    9. Map Health Code Violations with RDFMapper

  3. Chapter 3 Mapping Your World

    1. Hacks 22-34

    2. Digging to China

    3. Explore David Rumsey's Historical Maps

    4. Explore a 3-D Model of the Entire World

    5. Work with Multiple Lat/Long Formats

    6. Work with Different Coordinate Systems

    7. Calculate the Distance Between Points on the Earth's Surface

    8. Experiment with Different Cartographic Projections

    9. Plot Arbitrary Points on a World Map

    10. Plot a Great Circle on a Flat Map

    11. Plot Dymaxion Maps in Perl

    12. Hack on Base Maps in Your Favorite Image Editor

    13. Georeference an Arbitrary Tourist Map

    14. Map Other Planets

  4. Chapter 4 Mapping (on) the Web

    1. Hacks 35-46

    2. Search Local, Find Global

    3. Shorten Online Map URLs

    4. Tweak the Look and Feel of Web Maps

    5. Add Location to Weblogs and RSS Feeds

    6. View Your Photo Thumbnails on a Flash Map

    7. Plot Points on a Spinning Globe Applet

    8. Plot Points on an Interactive Map Using DHTML

    9. Map Your Tracklogs on the Web

    10. Map Earthquakes in (Nearly) Real Time

    11. Plot Statistics Against Shapes

    12. Extract a Spatial Model from Wikipedia

    13. Map Global Weather Conditions

  5. Chapter 5 Mapping with Gadgets

    1. Hacks 47-63

    2. How GPS Works

    3. Get Maps on Your Mobile Phone

    4. Accessorize Your GPS

    5. Get Your Tracklogs in Windows or Linux

    6. The Serial Port to USB Conundrum

    7. Speak in Geotongues: GPSBabel to the Rescue

    8. Show Your Waypoints on Aerial Photos with Terrabrowser

    9. Visualize Your Tracks in Three Dimensions

    10. Create Your Own Maps for a Garmin GPS

    11. Use Your Track Memory as a GPS Base Map

    12. Animate Your Tracklogs

    13. Connect to Your GPS from Multiple Applications

    14. Don't Lose Your Tracklogs!

    15. Geocode Your Voice Recordings and Other Media

    16. Improve the Accuracy of Your GPS with Differential GPS

    17. Build a Map of Local GSM Cells

    18. Build a Car Computer

    19. Build Your Own Car Navigation System with GpsDrive

  6. Chapter 6 Mapping on Your Desktop

    1. Hacks 64-77

    2. Mapping Local Areas of Interest with Quantum GIS

    3. Extract Data from Maps with Manifold

    4. Java-Based Desktop Mapping with Openmap

    5. Seamless Data Download from the USGS

    6. Convert Geospatial Data Between Different Formats

    7. Find Your Way Around GRASS

    8. Import Your GPS Waypoints and Tracklogs into GRASS

    9. Turn Your Tracklogs into ESRI Shapefiles

    10. Add Relief to Your Topographic Maps

    11. Make Your Own Contour Maps

    12. Plot Wireless Network Viewsheds with GRASS

    13. Share Your GRASS Maps with the World

    14. Explore the Effects of Global Warming

    15. Conclusion

    16. Become a GRASS Ninja

  7. Chapter 7 Names and Places

    1. Hacks 78-86

    2. What to Do if Your Government Is Hoarding Geographic Data

    3. Geocode a U.S. Street Address

    4. Automatically Geocode U.S. Addresses

    5. Clean Up U.S. Addresses

    6. Find Nearby Things Using U.S. ZIP Codes

    7. Map Numerical Data the Easy Way

    8. Build a Free World Gazetteer

    9. Geocode U.S. Locations with the GNIS

    10. Track a Package Across the U.S.

  8. Chapter 8 Building the Geospatial Web

    1. Hacks 87-92

    2. Build a Spatially Indexed Data Store

    3. Load Your Waypoints into a Spatial Database

    4. Publish Your Geodata to the Web with GeoServer

    5. Crawl the Geospatial Web with RedSpider

    6. Build Interactive Web-Based Map Applications

    7. Map Wardriving (and other!) Data with MapServer

  9. Chapter 9 Mapping with Other People

    1. Hacks 93-100

    2. Node Runner

    3. Geo-Warchalking with 2-D Barcodes

    4. Model Interactive Spaces

    5. Share Geo-Photos on the Web

    6. Set Up an OpenGuide for Your Hometown

    7. Give Your Great-Great-Grandfather a GPS

    8. Map Your Friend-of-a-Friend Network

    9. Map Imaginary Places

  1. Colophon