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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Playing Classic Games

    1. Hacks 1-18

    2. Legal Emulation

    3. Play Commodore 64 Games Without the C-64

    4. Play Atari ROMs Without the Atari

    5. Use Atari Paddles with Your PC

    6. Run Homebrew Games on the Atari 2600

    7. Create Your Own Atari 2600 Homebrew Games

    8. Play Classic PC Graphic Adventures

    9. Play Old Games Through DOSBox

    10. Play Reissued All-in-One Joystick Games

    11. Play Arcade Games Without the Arcade

    12. Add and Manipulate a MAME Frontend

    13. Keep Your ROMs Tidy and Organized

    14. Learn Game-Specific MAME Controls

    15. Filter Inappropriate MAME ROMs

    16. Autoboot into MAME Heaven

    17. Play Emulated Arcade Games Online

    18. Play Classic Pinball Without the Table

    19. Emulate the SNES on the Dreamcast

  2. Chapter 2 Playing Portably

    1. Hacks 19-27

    2. Play Games on Your iPod

    3. Mod Your Game Boy

    4. Take and Print Photos with Your Game Boy

    5. Compose Music on Your Game Boy

    6. Explore the GP32 Handheld Gaming System

    7. Take Your Console with You

    8. Explore the Bandai WonderSwan

    9. Play Real Games on Your PDA

    10. Install a PlayStation 2 in Your Car

  3. Chapter 3 Playing Well with Others

    1. Hacks 28-34

    2. Practice Proper MMORPG Etiquette

    3. Understand MMORPG Lingo

    4. Grind Without Going Crazy

    5. Make a Profit in Vana’diel

    6. Write MMORPG Macros

    7. Build an Effective Group

    8. Catch Half-Life FPS Cheaters Redhanded

  4. Chapter 4 Playing with Hardware

    1. Hacks 35-46

    2. Build a Quiet, Killer Gaming Rig

    3. Find and Configure the Best FPS Peripherals

    4. Adapt Old Video Game Controllers to the PC

    5. Choose the Right Audio/Video Receiver

    6. Place Your Speakers Properly

    7. Connect Your Console to Your Home Theater

    8. Tune Console Video Output

    9. Tune Your TV for Console Video

    10. PC Audio Hacking

    11. Optimize PC Video Performance

    12. Build a Dedicated Multimedia PC

    13. Use a Multimedia Projector for Gaming

  5. Chapter 5 Playing with Console and Arcade Hardware

    1. Hacks 47-62

    2. Play LAN-Only Console Games Online

    3. Hack the Nuon DVD Player/Gaming System

    4. Play Import Games on American Consoles

    5. Find a Hackable Dreamcast

    6. Play Movies and Music on Your Dreamcast

    7. Hack the Dreamcast Visual Memory Unit

    8. Unblur Your Dreamcast Video

    9. Use Your Dreamcast Online

    10. Host Dreamcast Games Online

    11. Burn Dreamcast-Compatible Discs on Your PC

    12. Burn Dreamcast Homebrew Discs

    13. Buy Your Own Arcade Hardware

    14. Configure Your Arcade Controls, Connectors, and Cartridges

    15. Reorient and Align Your Arcade Monitor

    16. Buy Cart-Based JAMMA Boards

    17. Programming Music for the Nintendo Entertainment System

  6. Chapter 6 Playing Around the Game Engine

    1. Hacks 63-78

    2. Explore Machinima

    3. Choose a Machinima Engine

    4. Film Your First Machinima Movie

    5. Improve Your Camera Control

    6. Record Game Footage to Video

    7. Speedrun Your Way Through Metroid Prime

    8. Sequence-Break Quake

    9. Run Classic Game ROM Translations

    10. Change Games with ROM Hacks

    11. Apply ROM Hacks and Patches

    12. Create PS2 Cheat Codes

    13. Hack Xbox Game Saves

    14. Cheat on Other Consoles

    15. Modify PC Game Saves and Settings

    16. Buff Your Saved Characters

    17. Create Console Game Levels

  7. Chapter 7 Playing Your Own Games

    1. Hacks 79-93

    2. Adventure Game Studio Editing Tips

    3. Create and Play Pinball Tables

    4. Put Your Face in DOOM

    5. Create a Vehicle Model for Unreal Tournament 2004

    6. Add a Vehicle to Unreal Tournament 2004

    7. Modify the Behavior of a UT2004 Model

    8. Download, Compile, and Create an Inform Adventure

    9. Decorate Your IF Rooms

    10. Add Puzzles to Your IF Games

    11. Add Nonplayer Characters to IF Adventures

    12. Make Your IF NPCs Move

    13. Make Your IF NPCs Talk

    14. Create Your Own Animations

    15. Add Interactivity to Your Animations

    16. Write a Game in an Afternoon

  8. Chapter 8 Playing Everything Else

    1. Hacks 94-100

    2. Tweak Your Tactics for FPS Glory

    3. Beat Any Shoot-Em-Up

    4. Drive a Physics-Crazed Motorcycle

    5. Play Japanese Games Without Speaking Japanese

    6. Back Up, Modify, and Restore PlayStation Saved Games

    7. Access Your Console’s Memory Card Offline

    8. Overclock Your Console

  1. Colophon