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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Account Management

    1. Introduction: Hacks #1-9

    2. Create a PayPal Account

    3. Verify Your PayPal Account

    4. Confirm Your Mailing Address

    5. Pay When You've Forgotten Your Password

    6. Restore Your Account if It Has Been Limited

    7. Create a Separate Login for Each Employee

    8. Access Member Information

    9. Manage PayPal Email

    10. Get Help from PayPal

  2. Chapter 2 Making Payments

    1. Introduction: Hacks #10-16

    2. Send Money to Anyone

    3. Choose How to Fund Payments

    4. Use Your PayPal Funds Anywhere

    5. Pay from a Cell Phone

    6. Pay Seller Fees when Buying

    7. Send Money Without Creating a PayPal Account

    8. Dispute Merchandise Payments

  3. Chapter 3 Selling with PayPal

    1. Introduction: Hacks #17-27

    2. Upgrade to Business Class

    3. Set Your Payment Receiving Preferences

    4. Identify Yourself to Your Customers

    5. Request Money the PayPal Way

    6. Ask for Money in Your Own Way

    7. Request Money Without an Account

    8. Get Your Money

    9. Refund a Payment

    10. Quick-Link to Transaction Details

    11. Lower Your Seller Fees

    12. Protect Yourself from Buyer Fraud

    13. Protect Yourself from Chargebacks

    14. Avoid Chargebacks on Digital Goods

    15. Handle Merchandise Disputes Effectively

  4. Chapter 4 Payment Buttons

    1. Introduction: Hacks #28-44

    2. Create a Buy Now Button

    3. Use a Custom Button Image

    4. Create a Purchase Button for Services

    5. Create an Auction Payment Button

    6. Provide Purchase Options with Drop-Down Listboxes

    7. Include More Than Two Option Fields

    8. Override Shipping and Handling Preferences

    9. Build Notification Tracking

    10. Hack-Proof Your Payment

    11. Hack-Proof Your Buttons with Encryption

    12. Include Payment Buttons in Email Messages

    13. Hide Your Email Address from Spammers

    14. Accept Donations

    15. PayPal-Enable Your Flash

    16. Get More Out of Dreamweaver and PayPal

    17. Provide Options with ASP.NET Web Controls

    18. Try Accepting Payments in a Bogus Currency

  5. Chapter 5 Storefronts and Shopping Carts

    1. Introduction: Hacks #45-50

    2. Hack Shopping Cart Buttons

    3. Create Shopping Cart Links

    4. Specify the Size of the Shopping Cart Window

    5. Deal with Design and Layout Issues

    6. Put Both Cart Buttons in One Form

    7. Integrate a Third-Party Shopping Cart with PayPal

    8. Customize Checkout Pages

    9. Display the Merchant Transaction ID on Your Return Page

    10. Remember Your Customers

    11. Create a Dynamic Storefront

    12. Add Dynamic Storefront Details

    13. Insert Dynamic Images

    14. Build an Order-Tracking Page

    15. Offer Discount Coupons

    16. Increase Search Engine Exposure

    17. Sell Digital Goods with PayLoadz

  6. Chapter 6 Managing Subscriptions

    1. Introduction: Hacks #61-64

    2. Sell Subscriptions to Your Online Content

    3. Offer Tiered Subscriptions

    4. Time Your Subscriptions to End on Specific Dates

    5. Manage Subscription Passwords the Easy Way

  7. Chapter 7 IPN and PDT

    1. Introduction: Hacks #65-86

    2. What IPN and PDT Are

    3. How IPN Works

    4. Advantages of PDT

    5. Receive Instant Payment Notifications

    6. Troubleshoot Instant Payment Notifications

    7. Send a Purchase Confirmation Email with IPN

    8. Process Shopping Carts with IPN

    9. Use IPN with eBay Listings

    10. Track Your eBay Products with IPN

    11. Deliver Digital Goods with IPN

    12. Deliver Digital Goods with a Return Page

    13. Implement Price Checking with IPN

    14. Provide an Order Summary with IPN

    15. Upsell Your Customers

    16. Enable Multiple IPN Pages

    17. Use Mass Pay to Create an Affiliate System

    18. Manage Your Inventory with IPN

    19. Display Donation Goals on Your Web Site

    20. Display a Recent Donor List

    21. Capture Customer Information with IPN

    22. Insert Payment Details into a Database with IPN

    23. Insert Cart Details into a Database

    24. Track Google Referrals

    25. Process Payments like a Credit Card with PDT

    26. Synchronizing PDT and IPN

  8. Chapter 8 The PayPal Web Services API

    1. Introduction: Hacks #87-100

    2. Create a Developer Account

    3. Set up the Sandbox

    4. Make Your First API Call

    5. Create a Wrapper Class for Your API Calls

    6. Use the PayPal API Wrapper Class

    7. Refund Payments with the API

    8. Handle Transaction Errors within the API Wrapper

    9. Retrieve Transaction Details with the API

    10. Search for PayPal Transactions

    11. Hack the API Wrapper

    12. Issue Payments en Masse with the Mass Pay API

    13. Pay Affiliates and Suppliers on a Schedule

    14. Search eBay for Listings that Accept PayPal

    15. Test IPN and PDT in the Sandbox

    16. Go Live

  1. Colophon