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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 iPod Hardware

    1. Hacks 1–22

    2. Good as New: Clean Your iPod

    3. Exercise with Your iPod

    4. Store Digital Photos on Your iPod

    5. Upgrade Your Ears

    6. Broadcast Your iPod to FM Radio

    7. Build Your Own FM Broadcaster

    8. Turn Your iPod into a Portable Stereo

    9. Use Two iPods to DJ

    10. Turn Your iPod into a Universal Remote Control

    11. Integrate Your iPod with Your Motorcycle

    12. Install Your iPod in Your Car, Permanently

    13. Integrate the iPod Remote with Your Car

    14. Turn Your iPod Mini into a Radio Station

    15. Use Your iPod as a Dictaphone

    16. Replace Your Generation 1 or 2 iPod's Battery

    17. Replace Your Generation 3 iPod's Battery

    18. Replace Your iPod Mini's Battery

    19. Build Your Own iPod External Charger

    20. Change the Colors of Your Generation 3 iPod's LCD Screen

    21. Turn Your iPod into a Wireless Jukebox

    22. Craft an iPod Case from Cardboard

    23. Repurpose a Dead iPod

  2. Chapter 2 Non-iPod Hardware

    1. Hacks 23–31

    2. Control iTunes from Your Palm

    3. Control iTunes from Your Mobile Phone

    4. Stream Music Around Your House

    5. Stream Music with AirPort Express

    6. Buy or Build a Headphone Amplifier

    7. Access Your iTunes Music Library Through TiVo

    8. Run iTunes on an Old Mac

    9. Build a Cheap MacMP3/AACServer

    10. Build a Cheap Linux Music Server

  3. Chapter 3 iPod Software

    1. Hacks 32–49

    2. Run Your iPod in Disk Mode

    3. Read News and More

    4. Diagnose iPod Problems

    5. Use Your iPod with a Mac and a PC

    6. Play Games on Your iPod

    7. Write an iPod Adventure Game

    8. Convert Text Files into iPod Books

    9. Write Your Own iPod Book

    10. Change Your Battery Icon

    11. Access Hidden Files on Your iPod

    12. Build an Emergency iPod Boot Volume

    13. Get Your Email on Your iPod

    14. Publish a Web Page from Your iPod

    15. Feed Streaming Audio to Your iPod

    16. Use an iPod with Linux

    17. Dial a Phone with Your iPod

    18. Use .NET to Access the iPod's Database

    19. Run Linux on Your iPod

  4. Chapter 4 iTunes

    1. Hacks 50–71

    2. iTunes Keyboard Shortcuts

    3. Control iTunes from the Finder

    4. Clean Up Your ID3 Tags

    5. Import Lyrics into iTunes and iPod

    6. Extend Your Visualizer Options

    7. Bulk-Rip CDs

    8. Work with Album Artwork

    9. Clutter Your Desktop with Music

    10. Make Your Playlists Smart

    11. Konfabulate Your iTunes

    12. Use Java to Expand iTunes Functionality

    13. Control iTunes with Perl

    14. Upload a Graphic of Your Currently Playing Song

    15. Create a Web Page to Display Your iTunes Library

    16. Create Links to the iTunes Music Store

    17. Skin iTunes with ShapeShifter

    18. Alter the iTunes Look and Feel by Resource Hacking

    19. Use the iTunes Visualizer as a Screensaver

    20. Turn iTunes into a Trivia Player

    21. Hack Kung-Tunes into a Dynamic Server

    22. Put the Ogg in iTunes

    23. Get at iTunes Music Store Metadata

  5. Chapter 5 AppleScript for iTunes

    1. Hacks 72–92

    2. Tame iTunes with AppleScript

    3. Swap Song Name and Artist

    4. Clean up "Artist - Song Name"-Style Titles

    5. Remove Unwanted Characters from Song Names

    6. Find a Track's File Path

    7. Get a Track's Running Time and File Size

    8. Increase or Decrease the Play Count

    9. AMG EZ Search

    10. Search for Lyrics on Google

    11. Remove Dead Tracks

    12. Build a Random Playlist

    13. Make a New iPod Playlist from Your Selections

    14. Change Your Encoder on the Fly

    15. Whack the Current Track

    16. Save Artwork to a Folder

    17. Send Current Track Info to iChat

    18. Rewind or Pause the Current Track

    19. See What Other People Are Listening to

    20. Play Snippets of Each Track in a Playlist

    21. Make Files Bookmarkable

    22. Search the iTunes Music Store for the Current Song

  6. Chapter 6 Beyond iTunes

    1. Hacks 93–100

    2. Play MP3 and AAC Files from the Command Line

    3. Manipulate Audio Using the Terminal

    4. Stream Your Music Collection over the

    5. Make a Custom Mix CD

    6. Stream Your Music via iDisk

    7. Back Up Your Digital Music Collection

    8. Get Your Record Collection into iTunes

    9. Create Your Own Free Audiobook

  1. Colophon