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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 C# 2.0

    1. Create a Type-Safe List Using a Generic Collection

    2. Create Your Own Generic Collection

    3. Implement the Collection Interfaces

    4. Enumerate Using Generic Iterators

    5. Implement GetEnumerator with Complex Data Structures

    6. Simplify Your Code with Anonymous Methods

    7. Hide Designer Code with Partial Types

    8. Create Static Classes

    9. Express Null Values with Nullable Types

    10. Access Objects in the Global Namespace

    11. Limit Access Within Properties

    12. Gain Flexibility with Delegate Covariance and Contravariance

  2. Chapter 2 Visual Studio 2005

    1. Configure and Save Your Developer Environment

    2. Configure Your Application

    3. Make the Editor Work for You

    4. Use Refactoring to Speed Revision of Your Code

    5. Use Code Snippets to Save Typing

    6. Examine Objects While Debugging Them

    7. Visualize XML Data

    8. Diagnose Exceptions

  3. Chapter 3 Windows Applications

    1. Add Tool Strips to Your Application

    2. Allow Valid Input Only

    3. Create Auto-Complete Text Boxes

    4. Play Sounds

    5. Create Split Windows

    6. Create Data-Driven Forms

    7. Create Safe Asynchronous Tasks

    8. Put the Web in a Window

    9. Enable One-Click Deployment

  4. Chapter 4 Web Applications

    1. Develop Web Apps Without IIS

    2. Provide Forms-Based Security Without Code

    3. Add Roles to ASP.NET Accounts

    4. Create Personalized Web Sites

    5. Personalize with Complex Types

    6. Add Anonymous Personalization to Your Site

    7. Let Users Personalize Your Site with Themes

    8. Unify Your Look and Feel with Master Pages

  5. Chapter 5 Data

    1. Bind to Data Without Writing Code

    2. Create Detail Pages

    3. Create Master Detail Records

    4. Get Database Statistics

    5. Batch Updates to Improve Performance

    6. Bind to an XmlDataSource Control

    7. Improve XML Manipulation with XPathDocument

    8. Select Within XPathDocument Using XPath

  1. Colophon