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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 The Professional Retoucher's Studio

    1. The Photo Retoucher's Work Environment

    2. The Workflow of a Typical Retouching Job

    3. Becoming a Professional Retoucher

  2. Chapter 2 Shadows and Light

    1. Imagining the Light That Should Have Been

    2. Creating a Simple Shadow

    3. Creating Shadows for Complex Objects

    4. Retaining an Existing Shadow in a New Background

    5. Grounding Objects with Shadows

    6. Common Shadow Mistakes

    7. Keeping a Shadow Library

  3. Chapter 3 Corrections: Improvements on Reality

    1. Correction Basics

    2. Adding Texture to an Image

    3. Using the Clone Tool

    4. Neutralizing Images

    5. Brightening Images

    6. Changing Image Colors

  4. Chapter 4 Something from Nothing

    1. Creating Smoke or Steam

    2. Creating a Smile

    3. Creating Motion from Stillness

    4. Extending Backgrounds

    5. Shining Things Up

  5. Chapter 5 Special Color Requests

    1. Creating Touch Plates

    2. Merging Spot Colors into CMYK

    3. Converting CMYK to Special Colors

    4. Changing a Four-Color Image to Three Colors

    5. Adding Trap

    6. Changing the Overall Color

  6. Chapter 6 Merging Images

    1. Preparing the Pieces: Options for Selecting the Components

    2. Preparing the Canvas: Your Position File

    3. Putting the Pieces Together

  7. Chapter 7 Low Resolution on a Grand Scale: Making Low Res Look High

    1. Understanding the Spec Sheet

    2. Assessing the Situation

    3. Improving the Existing File to Survive Magnification

    4. Dealing with Specific Image Problems

  8. Chapter 8 Preparing Images for Newsprint

    1. Start by Understanding the Process

    2. Preparing a CMYK Image for Use in Newsprint

    3. Preparing a Color Image for a Black and White Newspaper

  9. Chapter 9 Preparing Images for Use on Packaging Materials

    1. The Image You Have Versus the Image You Need

    2. The Spec Sheet

    3. Preparing a CMYK File

    4. Another Option: Creating a Special Color

    5. Trapping on Special Packaging

  1. Colophon