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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Car Power Basics

    1. Hacks 1-11: Introduction

    2. Understand Car Electrical Systems

    3. Prevent Electrical Fires

    4. Gauge Your Wires

    5. Connect Your Wires

    6. Calculate Your Car's Battery Life

    7. Upgrade Your Car Battery

    8. Add New Power Connectors Throughout Your Car

    9. Use a Huge Capacitor to Sustain Power

    10. Upgrade Your Car's Alternator

    11. Add a Second Car Battery

    12. Put Home Power Outlets in Your Car

  2. Chapter 2 Automotive Audio Entertainment

    1. Hacks 12–22: Introduction

    2. Get a Headful About Your Car Audio

    3. Install a New Head Unit

    4. Get Computer Audio into Your Head Unit

    5. Amp Up Your Computer Audio

    6. Make a Very Cheap AUX-in

    7. Reduce Your Audio System's Noise

    8. Control Your iPod with Your Car Stereo Knobs

    9. Tune Your PC for Radio Reception

    10. Record Radio Shows

    11. Listen to Email, Weblogs, and RSS Feeds on the Road

    12. Find Out What Was Playing on the Radio

  3. Chapter 3 Automotive Video Entertainment

    1. Hacks 23–40: Introduction

    2. Understand Video Connectors

    3. Choose Your Screens

    4. Install a Headrest Screen

    5. Install a VGA Touchscreen in Your Dashboard

    6. Install a Sun Visor Screen

    7. Install a Motorized Fold-out Screen

    8. Install a Fold-Down Ceiling-Mounted Screen

    9. Supersize Your Fold-Down LCD Screen

    10. Turn Your Laptop into a Fold-Down or Dashboard Screen

    11. Connect a Car PC to Your Factory Screen

    12. Install a Rearview Mirror Screen and Camera

    13. Boost Your Video Signal for Multiple Screens

    14. Customize Each Passenger's Video

    15. Receive Satellite TV While Driving

    16. Play DVDs with Your in-Car Computer

    17. Put Multi-Channel DVD Surround Sound in Your Car

    18. Install a Video Game Console Computer in Your Car

  4. Chapter 4 In-Car Computers

    1. Hacks 41–54: Introduction

    2. Choose an in-Car PC Hardware Platform

    3. Power Your Car PC

    4. Start Up and Shut Down Your Car PC

    5. Reduce the Boot Time of Your in-Car Computer

    6. Keep Your Computer on During Engine Cranking

    7. Turn On Your Car Computer Before You Start Your Car

    8. Boot Your Car Computer on a Schedule

    9. Choose an in-Car PC Software Platform

    10. Install Windows on a CompactFlash Card

    11. Power Your Portable Devices in the Car

    12. Install USB Ports in Your Car

    13. Build an in-Car PC

    14. Build an in-Car Macintosh

    15. Install a Mac Mini in Your Car

  5. Chapter 5 Car PC Interface Options

    1. Hacks 55–61: Introduction

    2. Control Your Car PC with a Keyboard and Mouse

    3. Control Your Car PC with a Handheld Remote

    4. Control Your Car PC with a Touchscreen

    5. Car-Enable Clunky Applications

    6. Listen to What Your Car Computer Is Saying

    7. Control Your Car PC with Voice Recognition

    8. Find More Ways to Control Your in-Car Computer

  6. Chapter 6 Wireless Connectivity and in-Car Internet

    1. Hacks 62–68: Introduction

    2. Get Online in Your Car

    3. Make Your Mobile Phone Hands-Free with Your Car PC

    4. Transfer Data to and from Your Car PC

    5. View Real-Time Traffic Data on the Road

    6. Videoconference from Your Car

    7. Use GPS on Your Car PC

    8. Find WiFi Hotspots on the Road

  7. Chapter 7 In-Car Applications

    1. Hacks 69–75: Introduction

    2. Plug into Your Car's Built-in Computer

    3. Put a Video Jukebox in Your Car Theater

    4. Choose Your in-Car Navigation Software

    5. Play Thousands of Games by Emulating Video Game Consoles

    6. Use CENTRAFUSE as Your Car PC Frontend

    7. Use Neocar Media Center as Your Car PC Frontend

    8. Use FrodoPlayer as Your Car PC Frontend

  1. Colophon