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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Core Access

    1. Hacks 1–12

    2. Help Users Find the Objects They Need

    3. Personalize Your Access Application

    4. Work Fast and Avoid Typos

    5. Optimize Data Changes

    6. Transfer Data Between Versions of Access

    7. Organize and Enhance Your Macros

    8. Rid Your Database of Clutter

    9. Protect Valuable Information

    10. Work with Any Amount of Data

    11. Find Database Objects in a Snap

    12. Use a Junction Table

    13. Stop the Database from Growing

  2. Chapter 2 Tables

    1. Hacks 13–18

    2. Create an AutoNumber Field with a Custom Value

    3. Copy Data Between Tables Without an Append Query

    4. Steer Clear of System Tables

    5. Hide Sensitive Information

    6. Simulate Table Triggers

    7. Create Tables Faster

  3. Chapter 3 Entry and Navigation

    1. Hacks 19–27

    2. Help Users Navigate Through Long Forms

    3. Help Users Enter Additional Text

    4. Let Users Add Custom Items to Predesigned Lists

    5. Populate and Sort Lists with Flair

    6. Use Custom Controls on Your Forms

    7. Confirm Record Updates Before Saving

    8. Put a Clock on a Form

    9. Be Tab-Smart

    10. Highlight the Active Control

  4. Chapter 4 Presentation

    1. Hacks 28–39

    2. Separate Alphabetically Sorted Records into Letter Groups

    3. Create Conditional Subtotals

    4. Use Conditional Formatting to Point Out Important Results

    5. Provide a Direct Link to a Report

    6. Protect Intellectual Property

    7. Create a Slideshow in Access

    8. Play Videos in Access Forms

    9. View Reports Embedded in Forms

    10. Put Line Numbers on a Report

    11. Shade Alternating Lines on a Report

    12. Save Paper by Reducing Whitespace

    13. Include the Date, Time, and Page Count

  5. Chapter 5 Queries and SQL

    1. Hacks 40–54

    2. Return a Sample of Records

    3. Create Bulletproof Insert Operations

    4. Find Unmatched Records on Multiple Field Keys

    5. Place a Grand Total in a Query

    6. Sort Any Arbitrary String of Characters

    7. Summarize Complex Data

    8. Get All Combinations of Data

    9. Don't Let Nulls Ruin Data Summaries

    10. Use a Custom Function in a Query

    11. Create Access Tables with SQL Server Scripts

    12. Use Wildcards in Queries

    13. Get Cleaner Or-Based Criteria

    14. Get Cleaner And-Based Criteria

    15. Create an Outer Join

    16. Use Regular Expressions in Access Queries

  6. Chapter 6 Multiuser Issues

    1. Hacks 55–58

    2. Test for Duplication

    3. Distribute a Split Database with Predefined Table Links

    4. Build a Time-Out Feature

    5. Implement Unique Usernames

  7. Chapter 7 External Programs and Data

    1. Hacks 59–71

    2. Import Noncontiguous Ranges of Data from Excel

    3. Use Excel to Reorient Access Data

    4. Use Excel Functions Inside Access

    5. Use Word to Compare Data in Two Access Tables

    6. Import Varied XML Data into Access

    7. Export XML Data Sanely

    8. Break Through VBA's Transformation Barrier

    9. Leverage SQL Server Power by Calling Stored Procedures

    10. Manage Word Documents from Access

    11. Use Access as a Front End to MySQL

    12. Send Access Data Through Outlook Automatically

    13. Create Access Tables from Outside Access

    14. Write VBA with the Macro Recorder in Word and Excel

  8. Chapter 8 Programming

    1. Hacks 72–91

    2. Store Initial Control Selections for Later Recall

    3. Write Code Faster by Turning Off Syntax-Checking

    4. Substitute Domain Aggregate Functions for SQL Aggregate Functions

    5. Shrink Your Code with Subroutines

    6. Shrink Your Code with Optional Arguments

    7. Protect Programming Code from Curious Users

    8. Build a Secret Developer Backdoor into Your Applications

    9. Help Users Drill Down to a Record

    10. Prevent Users from Disabling Your Startup Options

    11. Inform Users of a Long Process

    12. Allow Users to Choose a Back-End Database

    13. Override the Timeout Interval

    14. Save Values from Unbound Controls for Later Recall

    15. Sort Records Randomly

    16. Bulk-Update Controls on a Form

    17. Provide Complete XML Control to Any Version of Access

    18. Use Custom Enumerations

    19. Convert Text to the Desired Case

    20. Create a Code Library

    21. Automatically Check for Database Table Updates

  9. Chapter 9 Third-Party Applications

    1. Hacks 92–95

    2. Document Your Database with Total Access Analyzer

    3. Build an Application Shell with EZ Application Generator

    4. Load Your Database with Test Data

    5. Use Access as an XML Database

  10. Chapter 10 The Internet

    1. Hacks 96–100

    2. Export a Report as HTML

    3. Use a Browser Inside Access

    4. Pull the HTML Source Code from a Web Site

    5. Download Files Using the Web Browser Control

    6. Use a Smart Tag to Open a Web Page

  1. Colophon