Books & Videos

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Prepare

    1. Hacks 1–16

    2. Successfully Complete a Project

    3. Keep Your Project Organized

    4. Number Your Tapes

    5. Black and Code a Tape

    6. Log Using a Spreadsheet

    7. Create a Digital Storyboard

    8. Create a Two-Column Script

    9. Build Your Own Apple Box

    10. Make Your Own Slate

    11. Control Your Camcorder Remotely

    12. Monitor Your Camera

    13. Protect Outdoor Cameras

    14. Digitize Lots of Footage Quickly

    15. Build Your Own Blue Screen

    16. Stabilize Your Shots

    17. Roll Your Own Dolly

  2. Chapter 2 Light

    1. Hacks 17–25

    2. Compile a Cheap Lighting Kit

    3. Light with Work Lights

    4. Use Paper Lamps for Lighting

    5. Add Diffusion to a Camcorder Light

    6. Take Video in Total Darkness

    7. Shoot a Green Screen Image

    8. Shoot Clearly Through a Window

    9. Reflect Light from a Shade

    10. Use Clothespins Like a Professional

  3. Chapter 3 Acquire

    1. Hacks 26–38

    2. Create a Time-Lapse Video of a Sunset

    3. Mount Your Camera to Your Car

    4. Slate Your Cuts

    5. Transcode a Movie’s Codec

    6. Pantyhose Diffusion Filter for Flattering Portraits

    7. Convert PAL to NTSC

    8. Record a Television Screen Without Flicker

    9. Import Footage from a DVD

    10. Use HDV for Better DV Quality

    11. Make a Movie Without a Camcorder

    12. Freeze Time

    13. Convert Analog Video to Digital Video

    14. Create a 3D Video

  4. Chapter 4 Edit

    1. Hacks 39–50

    2. Digicam Movie Editing Made Easy

    3. Make Videos with Windows Movie Maker

    4. Make a Movie Using iMovie

    5. Rotate Your Movie from Horizontal to Vertical

    6. Create a Submaster for Editing

    7. Use a Television to Avoid Surprises

    8. Convert a Closed Caption File to a Script

    9. Make a Tough Cut Easy on Your Viewers

    10. Create an Interactive Video Catalog

    11. Fix Timecode Problems on an Existing Tape

    12. Add Bookmarks to Your Movie

    13. Create Faster DVD Navigation

  5. Chapter 5 Audio

    1. Hacks 51–60

    2. Mobile Audio Booth

    3. Reduce a Microphone’s Wind Noise

    4. Make Your Own Boom

    5. Export Your Audio for Mixing

    6. Cover Missing Audio with Room Tone

    7. Make Your Audio Sound Better

    8. Fool Your Audience’s Perception

    9. Get Music for Free

    10. Wrangle Your Music and Sound Library

    11. Cut to the Beat of Your Music

  6. Chapter 6 Effects

    1. Hacks 61–74

    2. Give Your Video a “Film Look”

    3. Make Your Own Weather Report

    4. Zoom In from a Satellite

    5. Remove an Unwanted Object

    6. Create an Invert Effect Using Movie Maker

    7. Turn Video into Matrix-Style Symbols

    8. Create a Surreal Scene

    9. Change a Scene from Day to Night

    10. Create a Credit Flag

    11. Composite a Green Screen Image

    12. Create a Shadow for a Green Screen Image

    13. Alternate Endings Based on the Time of Day

    14. Alter a Video’s Look After Editing

    15. Expose Only One Color

  7. Chapter 7 Distribute

    1. Make a Window Burn Copy

    2. Skin Your Movie

    3. Determine Which Codec to Use

    4. Play a Movie Off a CD in a DVD Player

    5. Distribute Your Movie on DVD

    6. Stream a DVD

    7. Vlog Your Life

    8. Host Your Video on a Web Site

    9. Encode a Video to Stream on the Internet

    10. Take Donations via PayPal

    11. Set Up an Internet Television Station

    12. Use BitTorrent to Distribute Your Video

    13. Attend a Conference from Another Location

    14. Play Your Video on a Pocket PC

    15. Play Your Movie on a Cell Phone

  8. Chapter 8 Random Fun

    1. Hacks 90–100

    2. Record a Streaming Video

    3. Create a Movie Using LEGOs

    4. See Through Walls

    5. Rental-Car Tips and Other Auto Hacks

    6. Save Your Presentations to DVD

    7. Watch TV on a Palm Pilot

    8. Back Up Your Computer to a DV Tape

    9. Play “Movies” on an iPod photo

    10. Inventory Your Home

    11. Capture Life’s Little Moments with Camera-Phone Video

    12. Weekend Project: Create a Documentary

  1. Colophon