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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Getting Started

    1. Hacks 1–10

    2. Don’t Give Up

    3. Join an Astronomy Club

    4. Safety First

    5. Stay Warm

    6. Don’t Violate Observing Site Etiquette

    7. Be Prepared

    8. Measure Your Entrance Pupil Size

    9. Choose the Best Binocular

    10. Choose the Best General-Purpose Telescope

    11. Equip Yourself for Urban Observing

  2. Chapter 2 Observing Hacks

    1. Hacks 11–32

    2. See in the Dark

    3. Protect Your Night Vision from Local Lights

    4. Describe the Brightness of an Object

    5. Identify Stars by Name

    6. Identify Stars by Catalog Designations

    7. Know Your Constellations

    8. Understand Celestial Coordinate Systems

    9. Print Custom Charts

    10. Keep Your Charts at the Eyepiece

    11. Locate Objects Geometrically

    12. Learn to Star Hop

    13. Learn to See DSOs

    14. Observe Shallow-Space Objects

    15. Slow Down, You Move Too Fast, You’ve Got to Make the Evening Last

    16. Learn Urban Observing Skills

    17. Sweep Constellations

    18. Maintain an Observing Notebook

    19. Develop an Organized Logging System

    20. Plan and Prepare for a Messier Marathon

    21. Run a Messier Marathon

    22. Photograph the Stars with Basic Equipment

    23. Discover and Name a New Planet

  3. Chapter 3 Scope Hacks

    1. Hacks 33–43

    2. Center-Spot Your Mirror

    3. Clean Your Primary Mirror

    4. Eliminate Astigmatism

    5. Eliminate Diffraction Spikes and Increase Contrast

    6. Build a Film Can Collimating Tool

    7. Tune Your Newtonian Reflector for Maximum Performance

    8. Collimate Your Primary Mirror Quickly and Accurately

    9. Star-Collimate Your Scope

    10. Counterweight a Dobsonian Scope

    11. Improve Dobsonian Motions with Milk Jug Washers

    12. Upgrade Your Dobsonian Bearings

  4. Chapter 4 Accessory Hacks

    1. Hacks 44–65

    2. Dark Adapt Your Notebook Computer

    3. Dark Adapt Your Vehicle

    4. Use a Barlow

    5. Determine Actual Barlow Magnification

    6. See More of the Sky

    7. Optimize Your Eyepiece Collection

    8. Chart Your Eyepiece Characteristics

    9. View Dim Objects in the Same Field as a Very Bright Object

    10. Clean Your Eyepieces and Lenses Safely

    11. Install a Unit-Power Finder

    12. Upgrade Your Optical Finder

    13. Align Your Finder

    14. Determine Your Optical Finder’s Field of View

    15. Determine Your True Field of View

    16. Enhance Lunar and Planetary Contrast and Detail

    17. Enhance Nebular Contrast and Detail

    18. Please Be Seated

    19. Stash Your Gear in a Photographer’s Vest or Fanny Pack

    20. Use a Voice Recorder for Logging

    21. Build or Buy an Equatorial Platform

    22. Make Your Computer Work for You

    23. Astronomy Software in the Palm of Your Hand

  1. Colophon