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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Broadband VoIP Services

    1. Hacks 1–7: Introduction

    2. VoIP-Based Phone Service Providers

    3. Get Connected

    4. Use Pure VoIP Dialing with Your TSP

    5. Wire Your House Phones for VoIP

    6. Use a Softphone with a VoIP TSP

    7. Prioritize Packets to Improve Quality

    8. Got 911?

    9. Update Your VoIP ATA Firmware

  2. Chapter 2 Desktop Telephony

    1. Hacks 8–27: Introduction

    2. Access Next-Gen Voice Features

    3. Track Vonage Account Info on Your Desktop

    4. Pick a Desktop VoIP Client

    5. Sound Like Darth Vader While You VoIP

    6. Grow Your Social Network with Gizmo

    7. Record VoIP Calls on Your Windows PC

    8. Handle Calls with Windows Software

    9. Let Your Mac Answer and Log Your Calls

    10. Run Phlink Even When Logged Off

    11. Greet Callers Differently Each Day

    12. Use Caller IDs in AppleScripts

    13. Control iTunes from Phlink

    14. VoIP While Fragging

    15. Google for Telephony Info

    16. Telephonize a Sound File

    17. Record an Audio Chat on Your Mac

    18. Create Telephony Sounds with SoX

    19. Mix the Perfect Announcement

    20. Sound Like a Pro Announcer

    21. Record a Videoconference

  3. Chapter 3 Skype and Skyping

    1. Hacks 28–40: Introduction

    2. Get Skype and Make Some New Friends

    3. Skype Your Outlook Contacts

    4. Skype People from the OS X Address Book

    5. Enable Site Visitors to Skype You

    6. Speak Jyve

    7. Teach Your Browser to Speak Jyve

    8. Carry Skype in Your Pocket

    9. Degunk International SkypeOut Calls

    10. From Podcasting to Skypecasting

    11. Answer Your Skype Calls, Even When You're Not Around

    12. Use Custom Rings and Sounds with Skype

    13. Emote by Sight and Sound with Skype

    14. Skype with Your Home Phone

  4. Chapter 4 Asterisk

    1. Hacks 41–58: Introduction

    2. Turn Your Linux Box into a PBX

    3. Attach a SIP Phone to Asterisk

    4. Connect a Phone Line Using an FXO Gateway

    5. Connect a Legacy Phone Line Using Zaptel

    6. Forward Your Home Calls to Your Cell Phone

    7. Selectively Forward Calls

    8. Report Telephone Activity with Excel

    9. Kindly Introduce Telemarketers to Mr. Privacy

    10. Build a Four-Line Phone Server

    11. Master Music-on-Hold

    12. Record Calls

    13. Get Your Daily Weather Forecast from Your Telephone

    14. Put a Happy Face on Asterisk Using AMP

    15. Run Asterisk Without Root, for Security's Sake

    16. Link Two Asterisk Servers with PSTN

    17. Link Several PBXs over the Internet

    18. Route Calls Using Distinctive Ring

    19. Tune Up Your Asterisk Logs

  5. Chapter 5 Telephony Hardware Hacks

    1. Hacks 59–71: Introduction

    2. Record Calls the Old-Fashioned Way

    3. Make IP-to-IP Phone Calls with a Grandstream BudgeTone

    4. Build a Custom Ringtone for Your Grandstream Phone

    5. Tweak Your Sipura ATA

    6. Build a Bat Phone

    7. Brew Your Own Zaptel Interface Card

    8. Build a Speed-Dial Service on Cisco IP Phones

    9. Power Cisco Phones with Standard Inline Power

    10. Customize Your Cisco IP Phone's Boot Logo

    11. Configure Multiple IP Phones at One Time

    12. Customize Uniden IP Phones from TFTP

    13. Control the Lights Using Your IP Phone

    14. Use a Rotary-Dial Phone with VoIP

  6. Chapter 6 Navigate the VoIP Network

    1. Hacks 72–87: Introduction

    2. Monitor VoIP Devices

    3. Inspect the SIP Message Structure

    4. Audit a Network's QoS Capabilities

    5. Graph Latency and Jitter

    6. Explore NAT Traversal

    7. Shape Network Traffic to Improve Quality of Service

    8. Create a Premium Class of Service

    9. Build a $100 PSTN Gateway in 10 Minutes or Less

    10. Make IP Phone Configuration a Trivial Matter

    11. Peek Inside of SIP Packets

    12. Dig into SDP

    13. Sniff Out Jittery Calls with Ethereal

    14. Log VoIP Traffic

    15. Secretly Record VoIP Calls

    16. Log and Record VoIP Streams

    17. Intercept and Record a VoIP Call

  7. Chapter 7 Hard-Core Voice

    1. Hacks 88–100: Introduction

    2. Build a Killer Telephony Server

    3. Build an H.323 Gatekeeper Using OpenH323

    4. Turn Your Linux Box into a Fax Machine

    5. Build an Inbound Fax-to-Email Gateway

    6. Teach Your Asterisk Box to Speak

    7. Build a Mac PBX

    8. Monitor Asterisk from Your Perl Scripts

    9. Build a SoftPBX with No Hard Drive

    10. Build a Standalone Voicemail Server in Less Than a Half-Hour

    11. Automate Your Voicemail Greeting

    12. Connect Asterisk to the Skype Network

    13. Forward Your Home Phone Calls to Skype

    14. Get Started with sipX

  1. Colophon