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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Bluetooth, Mobile Phones, and GPS

    1. Hacks 1–22: Introduction

    2. Set Up Bluetooth on Linux

    3. Set Up Bluetooth on Windows XP

    4. Connect Mac OS X with a Bluetooth Phone

    5. Connect Linux with a Bluetooth Phone

    6. Connect Windows XP with a Bluetooth Phone

    7. Use Your Treo as a Modem

    8. Send SMS from a PowerBook

    9. Remote Control Mac OS X with Bluetooth Phones and PDAs

    10. Remote Control Linux with a Bluetooth Phone

    11. Control XMMS with Bluetooth

    12. Liven Up Parties with a Participatory Slideshow

    13. Send SMS from Linux

    14. Remote Control Windows with Bluetooth Phones and PDAs

    15. Control Your Bluetooth Phone with FMA

    16. Control Your Computer from Your Palm

    17. Control Your Home Theater from Your Palm

    18. Choose a Cellular Data Plan

    19. Blog from Your Mobile Phone

    20. Get Google Maps on Your Mobile Phone

    21. Share Your GPS

    22. Broadcast Your GPS Position

    23. Map Wi-Fi Networks with Kismet and GPSd

  2. Chapter 2 Network Discovery and Monitoring

    1. Hacks 23–39: Introduction

    2. Find All Available Wireless Networks

    3. Discover Networks with NetStumbler

    4. Detect Networks with Handheld PCs

    5. Find and Join Wireless Networks with AP Radar

    6. Detect Networks on Mac OS X

    7. Scan Passively with KisMAC

    8. Detect Networks with Kismet

    9. Monitor Wireless Links in Linux with Wavemon

    10. Analyze Traffic with Ethereal

    11. Track 802.11 Frames in Ethereal

    12. Watch Network Traffic

    13. grep Your Network

    14. Check Wi-Fi Network Performance with Qcheck

    15. Estimate Network Performance

    16. Get Real-Time Network Stats

    17. Graph Your Wireless Performance

    18. Find Radio Manufacturers by MAC

  3. Chapter 3 Wireless Security

    1. Hacks 40–51: Introduction

    2. Stop Moochers from Stealing Your Wi-Fi Bandwidth

    3. Visualize a Network

    4. Secure Your Linux Network with WPA

    5. Control Wireless Access by MAC

    6. Authenticate Wireless Users

    7. Forward Ports over SSH

    8. Proxy Web Traffic over SSH

    9. Securely Connect Two Networks

    10. Generate a Tunnel Configuration Automatically

    11. Poll Wireless Clients

    12. Interrogate the Network

    13. Track Wireless Users

  4. Chapter 4 Hardware Hacks

    1. Hacks 52–62: Introduction

    2. Add an External Antenna

    3. Do-It-Yourself Access Point Hardware

    4. Boot from a Compact Flash Hard Drive

    5. Increase the Range of a PowerBook

    6. Send Power over Your Ethernet

    7. The NoCat Night Light

    8. Upgrade the Linksys WET11

    9. Scan for Wireless Networks Automatically

    10. Backlight Your Zipit

    11. Unwire Your Pistol Mouse

    12. Mobilize Your WRT54G with the WiFiCar

  5. Chapter 5 Software Hacks

    1. Hacks 63–82: Introduction

    2. Build Your Own Access Point with Linux

    3. Bridge Your Linux AP

    4. Protect Your Bridge with a Firewall

    5. Filter MAC with HostAP and Madwifi

    6. Upgrade Your Wireless Router

    7. Set Up an OLSR Mesh Network

    8. Extend Your Wireless Network with WDS

    9. Pebble

    10. Wall Off Your Wireless

    11. Run Your Mac as an Access Point

    12. Run Linux on the Zipit Wireless Messenger

    13. Capture Wireless Users with NoCatAuth

    14. Capture Wireless Users on a Small Scale

    15. Build an Online Community in Your Offline Neighborhood

    16. Manage Multiple AirPort Base Stations

    17. Advertise Bonjour Services in Linux

    18. Advertise Any Service with Bonjour in Mac OS X

    19. Redirect "Brought to you by" Bonjour Ads

    20. Use a Windows-Only Wireless Card in Linux

    21. Use Your Orinoco Card with Hermes AP

  6. Chapter 6 Do-It-Yourself Antennas

    1. Hacks 83–93: Introduction

    2. Make a Deep Dish Cylindrical Parabolic Reflector

    3. Spider Omni Antenna

    4. Pringles Can Waveguide

    5. Pirouette Can Waveguide

    6. Primestar Dish with Waveguide Feed

    7. Primestar Dish with Biquad Feed

    8. Cut a Cable Omni Antenna

    9. Build a Slotted Waveguide Antenna

    10. The Passive Repeater

    11. Determine Your Antenna Gain

    12. Build Cheap, Effective Roof Mounts

  7. Chapter 7 Wireless Network Design

    1. Hacks 94–100: Introduction

    2. Analyze Elevation Profiles for Better Long-Range Wireless Networking

    3. Build a Wireless Network for the Large House

    4. Establish Line of Sight

    5. Calculate the Link Budget

    6. Align Antennas at Long Distances

    7. Slow Down to Speed Up

    8. Take Advantage of Antenna Polarization

  1. Appendix A Wireless Standards

    1. 802.11: The Mother of All IEEE Wireless Ethernet

    2. 802.11a: The Betamax of the 802.11 Family

    3. 802.11b: The De Facto Standard

    4. 802.11g: Like 802.11b, only Faster

    5. 802.16: WiMAX Long Distance Wireless Infrastructure

    6. Bluetooth: Cable Replacement for Devices

    7. 900 MHz: Low Speed, Better Coverage

    8. CDPD, 1xRTT, and GPRS: Cellular Data Networks

    9. FRS and GMRS: Super Walkie-Talkies

    10. 802.1x: Port Security for Network Communications

    11. WPA & 802.11i

    12. BSS Versus IBSS

  2. Appendix B Wireless Hardware Guide

    1. Microwave Cabling

    2. Microwave Connector Reference

    3. Antenna Guide

    4. Pigtails

    5. 802.11 Hardware Suppliers

  3. Colophon