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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 An Introduction to Social Media Marketing

    1. Where We Are Now

    2. What Is Social Media Marketing?

    3. What Makes “Social Media” Marketing Different?

    4. A Brief Introduction to Social Media Portals

    5. The Web As a Means of Giving Consumers a Voice

    6. It’s Time to Join the Conversation

    7. Content Is Not King (Not by Itself, at Least)

    8. Are You Ready for Social Media Marketing?

    9. So What’s Next?

    10. Summary

  2. Chapter 2 Goal Setting in a Social Environment

    1. The Hurdle: Overcoming Fear About an Uncontrolled Message

    2. Asking the Right Questions: Setting Goals for Your Campaign

    3. Making Your Goals SMART

    4. Researching Your Social Media Community

    5. Formulating Your Strategy

    6. When Should I Pursue Social Media Marketing?

    7. Summary

  3. Chapter 3 Achieving Social Media Mastery: Networking and Implementing Strategy

    1. When Is It Appropriate Not to Respond at All?

    2. How Do You Monitor the Conversation?

    3. You’re Listening—What Now?

    4. Planning Your Social Media Strategy

    5. Networking Within a Social Medium

    6. Understanding and Listening to Your Audience

    7. The Importance of Giving

    8. Community Managers

    9. Power Accounts

    10. Summary

  4. Chapter 4 Participation Is Marketing: Getting into the Game

    1. The Cluetrain Manifesto: Markets Are Conversations

    2. The “Participation Is Marketing” Phenomenon

    3. Graco Baby Case Study: “Participation Is Marketing” Translates to Brand Awareness and Exposure

    4. Tyson Foods Case Study: We Have a Blog and We’ll Use It for Good

    5. The Home Depot Case Study: Tapping into the Mindshare of Valued Customers

    6. Caminito Argentinean Steakhouse Case Study: The Steakhouse That Engages Online Everywhere

    7. Reputation Management

    8. Network Solutions Case Study: Reputation Management by Listening

    9. Reputation Management Monitoring: 12 Reputations You Should Monitor Online

    10. Considering a Reputation Management Strategy

    11. Summary

  5. Chapter 5 Using Blogs to Communicate, Influence, and Learn from Your Constituents

    1. A Short History of Blogging

    2. The History of Blogs, 1998–2009: Who Is Writing and Who Is Reading?

    3. Blogs As Online Influencers

    4. How Blogs Are Consumed

    5. A Beginner’s Guide to Blog Platforms

    6. Writing for Blog Audiences

    7. How Blogs Are Discovered

    8. What to Do If Your Corporate Policy Disallows Blogging

    9. Summary

  6. Chapter 6 Microblogging Magic: How Twitter Can Transform Your Business

    1. A History of Twitter

    2. Twitter for Business Is Born

    3. Using Twitter

    4. How to Achieve Business Goals Through Twitter

    5. Other Business Uses of Twitter

    6. Tools of the Twitter Trade

    7. Summary

  7. Chapter 7 Getting Social: Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Other Social Networks

    1. Introduction to Social Networking Sites

    2. Facebook: The Digital You

    3. MySpace: Personalized Connections

    4. Getting Professional with LinkedIn

    5. The Big Social Networks Abroad

    6. Summary

  8. Chapter 8 Informing Your Public: The Informational Social Networks

    1. Human-Edited Social Search

    2. Choosing the Best Answers: Using Yahoo! Answers for Social Media Marketing

    3. Other Q&A Websites to Be Considered in a Social Media Marketing Strategy

    4. Knowledge Is Power

    5. Create Your Own Wiki

    6. Summary

  9. Chapter 9 Leaving Your Mark: How to Rock the Social Bookmarking Space

    1. A Timeline: The Past, Present, and Future

    2. Using Social Bookmarking Sites

    3. Other Social Bookmarking Sites

    4. Summary

  10. Chapter 10 Social News Brings You Page Views

    1. The Wisdom of Crowds

    2. What Is Social News?

    3. What Are Social News Websites?

    4. The Big Players in Social News

    5. Summary

  11. Chapter 11 New Media Tactics: Photography, Video, and Podcasting

    1. Using Your Pictures to Market Yourself

    2. Beyond Stationary: The Video Marketing Guide

    3. Evangelizing Content Producers Through Photos and Video

    4. The Emergence of Podcasting and the Podcast Today

    5. Summary

  12. Chapter 12 Sealing the Deal: Putting It All Together

    1. Identification: Telling People Who You Are

    2. The Social Media Workflow

    3. Revisiting Return on Investment

    4. Am I Done Yet?

    5. Strategizing in Social Media Communities

    6. Thinking Outside Social Media Communities: Face-to-Face Interactions

    7. Fostering Creativity Online

    8. Encourage “Old-School” Tactics, Too

    9. The Bottom Line

    10. Summary

  1. Appendix The Ultimate Social Media Etiquette Handbook

    1. Facebook

    2. Twitter

    3. LinkedIn

    4. Social News—Digg, Sphinn, Mixx, Reddit, Tip’d (and a Whole Load of Related Sites)

    5. FriendFeed

    6. YouTube

    7. StumbleUpon

    8. Blogging and Commenting

    9. Other Social Sites

    10. Finally, a Word on Social Media Etiquette in General

    11. Conclusion

  2. Appendix Recommended Reading

    1. Recommended Books

    2. Blogroll

  3. Colophon