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Table of Contents


    1. Learn the Language of iPhone Hacking

    2. Discover Your iPhone's Hackability

    3. Open Your iPhone or iPod touch to Customization by Jailbreaking

    4. Install Third-Party Apps

    5. Manipulate Your iPhone's Filesystem

    6. Back Up Your iPhone's Files


    1. Triage Your iPhone

    2. Force Quit an iPhone Application

    3. Reboot Your iPhone

    4. Restore and Recover Your iPhone

    5. Enter DFU Mode

    6. Get Quality Support with iPhone Hacking


    1. Get the Most from iPhone Email

    2. Unleash the Full Power of Texting

    3. Text Your iPhone with Your Desktop Instant Messenger

    4. Enable MMS Picture Messaging on Your iPhone

    5. Increase the Duration of Your iPhone's SMS Alert

    6. Use Instant Messaging on Your iPhone

    7. Connect to IRC on Your iPhone

  4. Chapter 4 MEDIA AND DATA

    1. Carry a Portable File Server

    2. Convert Videos, DVDs, and Blu-Ray Discs to iPhone- and iPod touch–Ready Formats

    3. Present PowerPoint on a Projector or TV Using Your iPhone or iPod touch

    4. Sync Music and Videos from Multiple Computers to Your iPhone

    5. Stream Music and Videos from Your Computer to Your iPhone

    6. Read News, RSS, and Websites Quickly

    7. Read e-Books on Your iPhone

    8. Take Panoramas and Nightshots with Your Built-in Camera

    9. Record and Upload Videos with Your iPhone

  5. Chapter 5 GAME EMULATION

    1. Understand the Homebrew and Emulation Scene

    2. Play Nintendo Games on Your iPhone or iPod touch

    3. Play Sega Genesis Games on Your iPhone or iPod touch

    4. Play Nintendo Game Boy Games on Your iPhone or iPod touch

    5. Play Super Nintendo Games on Your iPhone or iPod touch

    6. Play Nintendo Game Boy Advance Games on Your iPhone or iPod touch

    7. Play PS1 Games on Your iPhone or iPod touch

  6. Chapter 6 TELEPHONY HACKS

    1. Use GSM Codes to Configure Phone Features

    2. Add Speed Dial with Custom Icons

    3. Access Your Asterisk Voicemails on Your iPhone or iPod touch

    4. Access Your Vonage Voicemails on Your iPhone or iPod touch

    5. Use Voice over IP on Your iPhone or Second-Generation iPod touch

    6. Get Visual Voicemail on T-Mobile or Other Carriers

    7. Automatically Translate Your Voicemails to Text

    8. Update Twitter or Your Blog with a Phone Call

    9. Create a Podcast While Driving


    1. Methods of Unlocking

    2. General Unlocking Advice

    3. Buy an Unlocked iPhone from Apple

    4. Unlock Your iPhone with Software

    5. Unlock Your iPhone with a SIM Hack

    6. Configure Your iPhone After Unlocking

  8. Chapter 8 CUSTOMIZATION

    1. Add Custom Ringtones to Your iPhone

    2. Skin Your iPhone and Change System Sounds

    3. Change Your Boot Screen

    4. Enhance Autocorrection with Address Book Entries

    5. Skin Your iPhone Externally

    6. Hide Unwanted Applications

  9. Chapter 9 NETWORK HACKS

    1. Use Your iPhone or iPod touch as a Trackpad

    2. Control Your Desktop or Laptop with Your iPhone or iPod touch

    3. Control Your iPhone or iPod touch with Your Desktop or Laptop

    4. Connect to Your iPhone with a Secure Shell (SSH) Terminal Program

    5. Administer Remote Servers with a Terminal Program

    6. Mount the iPhone Filesystem on Your Mac with AppleTalk or SSH

    7. Easily Manage All the Network Services on Your iPhone

    8. Track and Recover Your iPhone

    9. Track, Recover, and Control Your iPhone

    10. Make Your iPhone or iPod touch a Web Server

    11. Connect to Your iPhone or iPod touch from Outside Your Home/Office Network

    12. Print from Your iPhone to Any Fax Machine

    13. Tether Your iPhone's EDGE/3G Network to Your Laptop

    14. Run Applications in the Background

    15. Keep Your Wi-Fi Running All the Time on Your iPhone

    16. Trick Your Wi-Fi Apps into Working Over 3G

  10. Chapter 10 APPLICATION HACKS

    1. Create Music with the iPhone and iPod touch

    2. Triangulate Distances with Your Built-in Camera and GPS

    3. Add More Ways to Sync

    4. Alter Your Voice and Outgoing Caller ID on the iPhone

    5. Use Your iPhone as a Media Remote Control

    6. Make Your iPhone or iPod touch Talk

    7. Copy and Paste Between Applications

    8. Download YouTube Videos Instead of Streaming

    9. Acquire New Media with dTunes

    10. Back Up Your Jailbroken Apps

  11. Chapter 11 DEVELOPMENT HACKS

    1. Turn Command-Line Scripts into iPhone Apps

    2. Edit Mac OS X Property Lists (plists)

    3. Create Periodic Tasks that Run in the Background

    4. Manipulate iPhone Application Databases

    5. Sync Your Call Log with iCal on Mac OS X

    6. Choose Between the Apple SDK and Open Tools for iPhone Development

    7. Develop iPhone Applications with Apple's SDK

    8. Self-Sign Your SDK Projects

    9. Manually Install Applications

    10. Use a Virtual Machine for Building iPhone Apps

    11. Develop iPhone Applications on Your iPhone

    12. Restart Your SpringBoard to Reveal Newly Installed Applications

    13. Create a UI Without Interface Builder

    14. Use API Explorer to Peek into Built-in Frameworks

    15. Access Private APIs

  12. Chapter 12 HARDWARE HACKS

    1. Adapt Existing Headphones to Work with the Original iPhone

    2. Make the Original iPhone Dock Work for the iPhone 3G

    3. Make Noise-Cancelling iPhone Headset

    4. Use the iPhone Camera for Close-Ups

    5. Watch Your iPhone or iPod touch on a TV

    6. Mirror or Output the iPhone Screen with TV-Out

    7. Connect the iPhone to a Car

    8. Use Your iPhone with Gloves On

    9. Peek Inside Your Device

    10. Disassemble and Reassemble Your Original iPhone

    11. Disassemble and Reassemble Your iPhone 3G

    12. Disassemble and Reassemble Your Original iPod touch

    13. Disassemble and Reassemble Your Second-Generation iPod touch

    14. Learn the Pinouts of the iPhone and iPod touch

    15. Make an External Camera Illuminator for Your iPhone

    16. Control the Physical World from Your iPhone

    17. Charge Your iPhone from (Almost) Any Source

    18. Connect Your iPhone to a Serial Port Using a Dock Connector

    19. Remote Control Your iPhone or iPod touch with the Dock Connector

    20. Read Signals from an Infrared Remote Control—Without Jailbreaking!

    21. Connect a Serial Device to Your iPhone—Without Jailbreaking!

    22. Connect a Keyboard to Your iPhone—Without Jailbreaking!

    23. Use Your iPhone to Go Back in Time