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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 The Quick-Start Road Map

    1. Your Digital Darkroom

    2. The Basic Steps

    3. Let's Get to It!

  2. Chapter 2 Importing Your Images

    1. Before You Start Downloading

    2. Importing Photos from Your Camera

    3. Where to Go from Here

  3. Chapter 3 Rating and Keywording Images

    1. Setting Up Your Workspaces

    2. Organizing Your First Batch of Images

    3. Rating and Sorting Tips

    4. Introduction to Keywording

    5. Where to Go from Here

  4. Chapter 4 Basic Image Editing in Camera Raw

    1. The Benefits of ACR

    2. Working on Images in ACR from Bridge

    3. Your First Image Edit

    4. Fine-Tuning Your Image

    5. Finishing Touches in the Detail Tab

    6. And These Were Just the Basic Tools

  5. Chapter 5 Advanced Camera Raw Techniques

    1. Batch Processing in ACR

    2. Black-and-White Conversion in ACR

    3. Spot Removal in Adobe Camera Raw

    4. Localized Corrections with the Adjustment Brush

    5. Tonal and Color Adjustments with the Graduated Filter Tool

    6. Where to Go from Here

  6. Chapter 6 Refining Your Image in Photoshop

    1. Touching Up Imperfections with the Clone Stamp Tool

    2. Adjusting Tone with a Levels Adjustment Layer

    3. Adding a Mask to the Adjustment Layer

    4. Nondestructive Sharpening with Smart Objects

    5. Where to Go from Here

  7. Chapter 7 Photoshop Recipes for Photographers

    1. Portrait Retouching Techniques

    2. Adjustments in the World Around Us

    3. Finishing Touches

    4. You're a Photoshop Artist; Now What?

  8. Chapter 8 Printing

    1. Calibrating Your Monitor

    2. Dedicated Photo Printers

    3. A Word About Printer Profiles

    4. Success! A Beautiful Print

    5. Improving Your Photography Through Printing

    6. Reference Tables for Printing

    7. Final Thoughts

  1. Appendix About the Photos in this Book

    1. Cover Images

    2. Frontmatter Images

    3. Chapter Openers

    4. Special Thanks to Those Who Helped Me Make These Images