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Table of Contents


28m 48s

OOP Overview

17m 33s

The Virtual Zoo and Packages

15m 42s

Making a Class

10m 12s

Constructor Methods

04m 23s

Making an Object

08m 50s

Variables and Instance Variables

18m 17s

Constructor Parameters

05m 49s

Object References and Garbage Collection

25m 42s


11m 7s

Public Methods

14m 16s

Method Parameters

09m 59s

State Retrieval and Modification

23m 29s

Static Variables

11m 28s

Functions and Static Methods

08m 56s

Pet Digestion and Pet Death

12m 54s


31m 2s

A Specialized Type: Wormy Apples

08m 23s

Preparation for First Compilation

06m 26s

Fireside Chat: Adobe Flash Player Engineer Chris Nuuja and 3D Effects

13m 5s

Colin's Multiuser Adventures with User1 and MegaPhone

25m 25s