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Table of Contents

  1. Meet Your Netbook

    1. Chapter 1 Buying and Setting Up Your Netbook

      1. What to Look for When Buying a Netbook
      2. Customizing and Buying Your Netbook
      3. Setting Up Your Netbook
      4. Transferring Files to Your Netbook
      5. Netbook Battery Options
      6. A Note About Netbook Keyboards
    2. Chapter 2 Getting to Know Your Windows Netbook

      1. Which Windows?
      2. Seven Things You Should Know About Windows 7
      3. Setting Up a Windows XP Netbook
      4. The Start Menu: Where It All Begins
      5. Windows Desktop Basics
      6. Taking Control with Control Panel
      7. A Tour of the Windows Programs Menu
      8. Adding More Programs
      9. Removing Programs
      10. Organizing and Finding Files
      11. Checking Hard Drive Space
      12. Backing Up Your Windows Netbook
      13. Closing Down Your Netbook
    3. Chapter 3 Getting to Know Your Linux Netbook

      1. Which Type of Linux?
      2. Setting Up a Linux Netbook
      3. Exploring the Linux Desktop
      4. Applications Menu: All Your Programs
      5. Places Menu: Organizing and Finding Files
      6. System Menu: Preferences and More
      7. Seeing How Much Hard Drive Space Is Left
      8. Backing Up Your Linux Netbook
      9. Closing Down Your Linux Netbook
    4. Chapter 4 Connecting Devices to Your Netbook

      1. Mice, Trackballs, and Tablets
      2. Connecting an External Monitor or TV
      3. Setting Up a Printer
      4. Storing Data on External Drives
      5. Capturing Images: Connecting Scanners and Webcams
      6. Listening to Music: MP3 Players and External Speakers
      7. On the Road: Cases and Cables
  2. Taking Your Netbook Online

    1. Chapter 5 Getting Online

      1. Ways to Connect to the Internet
      2. What You Need to Connect
      3. Getting an Internet Service Provider
      4. Setting Up a Wired Network
      5. Setting Up a Wireless Network
      6. Connecting to a Wireless Network
      7. Common Wireless Network Problems
      8. Using Public Wireless Networks
      9. Getting Online with a Wireless Broadband Card
      10. Using Your Mobile Phone as a Modem
      11. Using a Dial-Up Connection with Your Netbook
    2. Chapter 6 Email and Web Browsing

      1. Setting Up an Email Program
      2. Email Basics
      3. Using a Web Browser
      4. Transfering Bookmarks from Another Computer
      5. Adding Tools to Your Web Browser
  3. Working on Your Netbook

    1. Chapter 7 Business Basics: Word Processing and More

      1. Microsoft Office for Windows Netbooks
      2. Microsoft Office Live Workspace
      3. Free Word Processing, Spreadsheets, and More
      4. Google Docs: An Online Alternative
      5. Working with Contacts
      6. Staying on Track with Calendars
      7. Online Calendars
      8. Viewing PDFs with Adobe Reader
      9. Working with Graphics
      10. Welcome to the Free World: Software
    2. Chapter 8 Collaborating with Others

      1. What You Can Do Online
      2. Setting Up Instant Message Software
      3. Voice Chat by Instant Messenger
      4. Video Chat by Instant Messenger
      5. File Transfer by Instant Messenger
      6. Making Phone Calls with Skype
      7. Working Together with Google Docs
      8. Online Collaboration Sites
      9. Social Networking Sites
    3. Chapter 9 Multimedia Fun: Photos, Music, and Video

      1. Importing Digital Photos
      2. Organizing Your Photos
      3. Editing Photos
      4. Sharing Photos Online
      5. Photo Sharing Websites
      6. Popular MP3 Jukebox Programs
      7. Playing Digital Music on the Netbook
      8. Recording and Editing Sound
      9. Watching TV and Video Online
    4. Chapter 10 Playing Games

      1. Games That Come with Your Netbook
      2. Gaming Websites
      3. Downloading Games
      4. Serious Gaming on a Netbook
  4. Taking Care of Your Netbook

    1. Chapter 11 Protecting You and Your Netbook

      1. Ten Online Safety Tips for Netbooks
      2. Keeping Viruses at Bay
      3. Putting Up a Firewall
      4. Other Security Software for Netbooks
      5. Public Wireless Network Security
      6. Protecting Yourself: Ergonomic Tips
    2. Chapter 12 Troubleshooting Your Netbook

      1. Troubleshooting Common Problems
      2. Built-In Windows Help Files
      3. Tuning Up with Windows System Tools
      4. Using Windows System Restore
      5. Using Remote Assistance
      6. Reinstalling Windows
      7. Built-in Linux Help Files
      8. Maintaining a Linux Netbook
      9. Ubuntu Remote Desktop
      10. Installing (or Reinstalling) Ubuntu
      11. Finding Help and Information Online