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Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 Introducing Google Wave

    1. Introduction

    2. So, What Exactly Is Google Wave?

    3. Why It’s Likely That People Will Use Google Wave

    4. Reading the Tea Leaves: What’s Next for Google Wave

    5. Sample Use Case: Using Google Wave for an International Sales Team

  2. Chapter 2 Fundamentals of Communication and Collaboration in Google Wave

    1. Conversations Are Integral to Google Wave

    2. Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

    3. Sample Use Case: Using Google Wave to Plan a Wedding

  3. Chapter 3 Riding Waves

    1. Let’s Get Ready to Surf

    2. Working with the Google Wave Client

    3. Interacting with Other Participants

    4. Managing Your Inbox

    5. Riding Your First Wave

    6. Sample Use Case: A Virtual Conference in Google Wave

  4. Chapter 4 Riding Bigger Waves

    1. Paddling Farther Out into the Big Blue

    2. Getting the Most Out of Extensions

    3. Sample Use Case: Running a Soccer League in Google Wave

  5. Chapter 5 Developing with the Google Wave API

    1. Key Concepts

    2. General Architecture

    3. The Google Wave Developer Sandbox

    4. Quick! Let’s Code a Robot!

    5. Quick! Let’s Code a Gadget!

    6. Quick! Let’s Create an Extension Installer!

    7. Quick! Let’s Embed a Wave!

    8. Sample Use Case: Running an IT Help Desk in Google Wave

  6. Chapter 6 Diving into Extensions: Robots API

    1. Let’s Code a Few Robots

    2. General Structure of a Robot

    3. Events and Operations

    4. Event Filtering

    5. Making External Information Available Through Proxying-for

    6. Context

    7. Robot Types

    8. The App Engine Tango

    9. Sample Use Case: Lesson Planning for Educators

  7. Chapter 7 Diving into Extensions: Gadgets API

    1. Let’s Code a Few Gadgets

    2. Google Wave Gadgets API Fundamentals

    3. Methods

    4. Classes

    5. Gadget Design

    6. Anecdotal Use Case: Using Google Wave for a Live Design Document

  8. Chapter 8 Diving into Extensions: Wave Embed API

    1. Let’s Embed a Few Waves

    2. Wave Embed API Fundamentals

    3. Classes

    4. Anecdotal Use Case: Using Google Wave for Live Waving

  9. Chapter 9 Wave Federation and Additional Considerations

    1. Google Wave Federation Protocol

    2. Toward a Google Wave Ecosystem

    3. Additional Resources

  1. Appendix Sample Robots Code

    1. Oracle Bot

    2. Geo Bot

    3. Recipe Bot

  2. Appendix Sample Gadgets Code

    1. Wave Mood Gadget

    2. Election Gadget

    3. Twitterini Gadget

  3. Appendix Sample Wave Embed Code

    1. Enabling the Google Wave Toolbar in an Embedded Wave

    2. Switching Embedded Waves and Adding a Participant

    3. Embed Bot: Gadgetizing the Google Wave Embed API

  4. Colophon