Beginning Red Hat Linux 9
Publisher: Wiley / Wrox
Final Release Date: November 2005
Pages: 600

Red Hat Linux 9 is a powerful, flexible open source operatingsystem. Its popularity is growing, both in home use and incorporate environments of all sizes. Its user interface makes itevery bit as accessible as other operating systems, and its opensource pedigree opens the doors to a mind-blowing amount of freesoftware.

This book guides you through that difficult time that comes justafter you've installed a new operating system, by giving you theconfidence to open your wings and fly with it. We'll take youthrough the installation, we'll get you working, and by the end ofthe book you'll have a well-configured, stable, secure operatingsystem and a world of possibilities.

Who is this book for?

This book is for you if you're using (or planning to use) theRed Hat Linux operating system for the first time. It offers thesimple, plain-speaking guidance you need as you begin to explorethe vast potential of open source software. The book assumes thatyou're familiar with using Microsoft Windows, and aims to help youmake the jump from Windows to Linux by introducing it in thoseterms. No previous knowledge of Linux is assumed.

What you will learn in this book

  • How to install Red Hat Linux 9 using the included 2 CD-Romdistribution from Red Hat
  • How to use Red Hat Linux 9 to connect to networks, printers,and the Internet
  • How to get working – using Office applications, webbrowsers, multimedia applications, and so on
  • How to get the most from Linux – by understanding Linux'spowerful file system and command line interfaces
  • How to set up and configure a web server, a mail server, a fileserver, and various other types of service
  • How to secure your machine against unauthorized use – bothfrom the Internet and from internal threats
  • How to modify your machine to suit the way you work –installing software to create a tailored working environment
“…clearly written and amply illustrated, this book is a truly amazing resource for the Red Hat Linux beginner…” (
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