Expert One-on-One J2EE Design and Development
By Rod Johnson
Publisher: Wiley / Wrox
Final Release Date: August 2004
Pages: 768

The results of using J2EE in practice are often disappointing– applications are often slow, unduly complex, and take toolong to develop. I believe that the problem lies not in J2EEitself, but in that it is often used badly. Many J2EE publicationsadvocate approaches that, while fine in theory, often fail inreality, or deliver no real business value.

In this book I offer a real-world, how-to guide so that you canmake J2EE work in practice. I draw on my experience of designingsuccessful high-volume J2EE applications and salvaging failingprojects, as well as intimate knowledge of the J2EEspecifications.

I’ll help you to solve common problems with J2EE and avoidthe expensive mistakes often made in J2EE projects. I will guideyou through the complexity of the J2EE services and APIs to enableyou to build the simplest possible solution, on time and on budget.I take a practical, pragmatic approach, questioning J2EE orthodoxywhere it has failed to deliver results in practice and insteadsuggesting effective, proven approaches.

What you will learn from this book

  • When to use a distributed architecture
  • When and how to use EJB
  • How to develop an efficient data access strategy
  • How to design a clean and maintainable web interface
  • How to design J2EE applications for performance

"I just wish this book had been around earlier when I wasstarting enterprise Java development. This book shows the benefitsand pitfalls of J2EE and how best to avoid them."
—Andrew J. Smith, Java Architect

"Rod’s depth and breadth of experience is quite impressive!J2EE developers can avoid many of the hard lessons Rod learned byreading this book."
– Todd Lauinger, Software Construction Fellow, Best Buy,Inc.

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