Secrets of Reverse Engineering
By Eldad Eilam
Publisher: Wiley
Final Release Date: April 2005
Pages: 624

Sometimes, the best way to advance is in reverse

If you want to know how something works, you take it apart very carefully. That's exactly what this book shows you—how to deconstruct software in a way that reveals design and implementation details, sometimes even source code. Why? Because reversing reveals weak spots, so you can target your security efforts. Because you can reverse-engineer malicious code in order to neutralize it. Because understanding what makes a program work lets you build a better one. You'll learn how here.

  • Learn to read compiler-generated assembly language code for IA-32 compatible processors
  • Decipher an undocumented file format or network protocol
  • Understand when reverse engineering is legal, and when—and why—it may not be
  • See how hackers use reversing to defeat copy protection technology
  • Find out how to pull the plug on malicious code
  • Determine how to prevent others from reversing your code, and find out how effective such steps can be
  • Explore reverse engineering on the .NET platform and its assembly language, MSIL
  • Observe the dissection of a real-world malicious program and see how the attacker used it to control infected systems
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