ASP.NET 2.0 Website Programming
Problem - Design - Solution
By Marco Bellinaso
Publisher: Wiley / Wrox
Final Release Date: August 2006
Pages: 576

Completely rewritten and fully updated for ASP.NET version 2.0, this example-driven book describes from start to finish how to design and implement in C# a complete ASP.NET 2.0 website that contains many of the features that you can expect to find in a modern content-related and e-commerce site: forums, polls, newsletters, article management, e-store and much more. Each chapter introduces new controls and features of ASP.NET 2.0 so that you can comfortably read the material even if you haven't yet immersed yourself with the 2.0 release.

The self-contained chapters first present a problem to be addressed, then discuss the design features needed to solve the problem. After you've established how to resolve the problem, you'll use hands-on practice and code to execute the solution. In the end, you'll have integrated all the new abilities of ASP.NET 2.0 into a single site boasting rich functionalities.

What you will learn from this book

  • How the built-in functions of the 2.0 release reduces the amount of code you'll need to write
  • Unique and resourceful ways to handle various problems you face daily during the development of any website
  • How to implement new features including themes, membership, personalization, localization, master pages, web parts, and caching
  • Mastery of many of the new server controls including GridView, DetailsView, MultiView, Wizard, Menu, SiteMap, and Login

Who this book is for

This book is for programmers with a working familiarity with ASP.NET 1.x, although you are not required to know ASP.NET 2.0.

"This book is different from most others you can find in bookstores. When you consider performance, security, robustness, scalability, and care for details, Marco's TheBeerHouse sample application is more real-world than most real-world sites I have seen recently. In fact, as of this writing it's the best demonstration of ASP.NET 2.0's new features."
—From the foreword by Francesco Balena, founder of .Net2TheMax, author, and Microsoft Regional DirectorThis book is different from most others you can find in bookstores. Most offerings in this area are mainly reference books that dissect every little detail of version 2.0 of ASP.NET or the .NET Framework and that – in the best cases – provide a short listing to illustrate each feature. Marco’s book has a radically different approach: he explains how you can assemble all ASP.NET 2.0’s features and leverage its power to design, develop, and deploy a full-featured Web site. Don’t be fooled by the TheBeerHouse being a fictitious site for a fictitious customer: if the main differences between a sample application and a real-world Web site are the performance, security, robustness, scalability, and care for details that you expect from a commercial site, then Marco’s TheBeerHouse is more real-world than most real-world sites I have seen recently.

In fact, unlike most real site authors, Marco was able to take all the time he needed to implement an impressive list of features and fix all the bugs he bumped into. And unlike most sample application authors, he never took a shortcut and never ignored the problems that developers have to solve every day in the real world. For sure, the overall quality exceeds what you might expect from a mere “book sample” and, as of this writing, it’s the best demonstration of ASP.NET 2.0’s new features, including Microsoft’s own starter kits.

From a teaching perspective, the great value of this book is the rationale underlying all the design and implementation decisions taken in the development phase. Marco does more than just describing what he did: he lists the pros and cons of all the alternatives he tried out and explains how he found the perfect solution (or the best compromise) to each problem. It’s like having an expert sitting besides you, able to read your mind, and ready to fix your mistakes before you have a chance to make them. Can you ask for more?-- Francesco Balena, author of widely popular Microsoft Press books.

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