Programmer's Supplement for R5 of the X Window System
By David Flanagan
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Final Release Date: November 1991
Pages: 390

This book is for programmers who are familiar with Release 4 of the X Window System and want to know how to use the new features of Release 5. It is intended as an update for owners of Volumes 1, 2, 4, and 5 of the O'Reilly and Associates X Window System series, and provides complete tutorial and reference information on all new Xlib and Xt toolkit functions.It includes:

  • Overview of the R5 changes as they affect application programming.
  • How to write an internationalized application---one that anticipates the needs of a language and culture other than English.
  • How to use scalable fonts and the fonts provided by the new font server.
  • How to get consistent color on any display by using the X Color Management System.
  • Overview of PEX, the new three-dimensional graphics extension for X.
  • Reference pages for all new and modified Xlib and Xt functions and Athena widgets.
Together with Volume 2 and Volume 5, owners of the Programmer's Supplement for Release 5 have a complete set of reference pages for the current X Consortium standards for Xlib and Xt.
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