60 Tips, Tricks, and Games to Take Your Mind to the Next Level
Publisher: Wiley
Final Release Date: August 2011
Pages: 464

Hack your mental OS and make your brain work better thanever

They say the mind is a computer, right? Boost its performancewith this collection of mind-blowing ideas to improve your memory,creativity, logic skills, communication, and more. Put these tipsto work, and you'll find your mind processes information moreefficiently than you ever thought possible.

Be more creative and productive by

  • wooing the muse of the odd

  • making happy mistakes

  • mining the future

Manage your time with

  • a mental datebook

  • MET (Mission Elapsed Time)

  • a different type of clock

Master math and logic with

  • your own personal notations

  • the use of abduction

  • a trip to the fourth dimension

Improve your memory by

  • building a memory dungeon

  • mixing up your facts

  • spacing your repetitions

Enhance your learning ability when you

  • identify your personal sacred books

  • learn by teaching

  • study kid stuff

...and 45 more!

Visit www.wiley.com/go/mindhacker for code, various programs,and a few surprises

"What I enjoyed most was that the book generally managed to avoidthe overblown language and hype of most "hack" books and insteadfocused on practical applications and realistic assessments of howeffective a particular strategy might be. Even without the hype, Ifound the book motivating and it encouraged me to explore subjectsthat were new to me and consider ideas for self-education,self-improvement, and creativity."
Michael Corayer, MichaelCorayer.com

"Many of the hacks here take advantage of the fact that the wayyou see your mind and your world are often radically related, ifnot often the same thing. What I mean is that a lot of these arenot just mental exercises, but tricks for productivity, ways tocommunicate better, hacks for breaking bad habits, tips for timemanagement, and creative ways to be more creative. It's not justabout the hacks though. Mindhacker is also stocked withother (re)sources: Relevant URLs, books, and articles are listed onevery page, along with the stories of the hacks' origins, and thebook's website has even more, including pieces of code as well ascomplete programs."
Roy Christopher, RoyChristopher.com

"The examples mentioned are just a couple that I foundimmediately useful, but this book seems like one I will return toagain and again. Areas that may not seem as pressing to me todaymay well become very important to me tomorrow, andMindhacker may be my best hope yet in fighting offsenility."
Greg Barbrick, BlogCritics

"There's a real embarrassment of riches in this book, all ofwhich are well-researched and scientifically rigorous, whichreflects Ron’s psychology background. This is a book thatseems tailor-made for browsing. "Mindhacker" is extensivelycross-referenced. When you pick this book up, you'll find yourselfzooming around the pages, bouncing from hack to hack to hack. I wasalready a fan of the previous book, "Mind Performance Hacks," andthis is certainly a worthy sequel, in spirit if not in fact. Itwill definitely become part of my personal canon, and if you'rereally serious about stretching your mind, it should be part ofyours, too."
David Delony, Walyou.com

"Mindhacker really is a good match to Grey Mattersreaders, as it is all about improving your mind, and having funwhile doing so. It's approachable, educational, fun, and neitherintimidating nor condescending in tone. I highly recommendMindhacker. If you haven't already picked up "MindPerformance Hacks," do your mind a favor and pick them uptogether."
Scott Cram, Grey Matters blog

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