When Can You Trust the Experts
How to Tell Good Science from Bad in Education
By Daniel T. Willingham
Publisher: Wiley / Jossey-Bass
Final Release Date: June 2012
Pages: 240

Praise for When Can You Trust the Experts?

"For decades our nation's debates on education have obsessedover a small number of politicized hot buttons—charterschools, vouchers, class size, teachers' unions—while chasingexpensive fads of dubious value. What's missing is evidence on whatworks and what doesn't. At last we have a place to go: DanWillingham's indispensable guide to fact and fiction in educationalmethods. Read it and buy copies for your children's teachers,principals, and school board members."
Steven Pinker, Harvard College Professor ofPsychology, Harvard University, and author, The LanguageInstinct and How the Mind Works

"Daniel Willingham tackles one of the most difficult—butleast discussed—problems for educators: how to sort throughthe barrage of programs for sale and figure out what really works.Unlike other experts who try to persuade teachers to simply adopttheir views, Willingham gives nonscientists the tools and knowledgethey need to wade into the research and draw their ownconclusions."
Randi Weingarten, president, American Federation ofTeachers

"If Dan Willingham had written this book fifty years ago,American education would have been spared innumerable snake-oilpeddlers, unkeepable promises, deceptive claims, and false panaceasalong the path to better schools and greater learning. But he'sdelivered a marvelous guide for future excursions along thattwisting path."
Chester E. Finn, Jr., president, Thomas B. FordhamInstitute

"A distinguished scientist gets down to brass tacks inexplaining how to judge the scientific claims invariably offered tosupport educational programs. This lively, readable book should bein the hands of every teacher, administrator, andpolicymaker."
E. D. Hirsch, author, What Your KindergartnerNeeds to Know and What Your First Grader Needs toKnow

"Willingham's When Can You Trust the Experts? providesteachers with an in-depth guide on how to parse the helpful fromthe abhorrent. With the plethora of education research today,teachers finally have a book that asks us to challenge the validityof current education products through a simplified scientificapproach. Unlike other education research books, however,Willingham prefers to spark conversation and invite educatorsin."
Jose Vilson, middle school math instructor, New YorkCity Schools

"Parents increasingly come face-to-face with importanteducational decisions that they feel ill prepared to make. Whetherthey are choosing among schools, math programs or earlyinterventions for a learning disability, this book will help themfigure out which options are backed by the best science.(Recommended)"—Scientific American

"By my bedtable is Dan Willingham's new book, When Can YouTrust the Experts?... This is help we all can use, from one ofthe most sensible guys around."—John Merrow, The HuffingtonPost

"A brilliant new book... Willingham presents a 'short cut' toassessing the value of a given idea—a set of four steps thatwill be useful to anyone sizing up an unfamiliar concept. I’ve read Willingham’s book and I recommend ithighly!"—Annie Murphy Paul

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