The Rise of the Platform Marketer
Performance Marketing with Google, Facebook, and Twitter, Plus the Latest High-Growth Digital Advertising Platforms
By Craig Dempster, John Lee
Publisher: Wiley
Final Release Date: April 2015
Pages: 240

Praise for
The Rise of the Platform Marketer

"At a time when marketing strategies are becoming increasingly confusing and complex due to the rise of open data, social platforms, and disruptive technologies, The Rise of the Platform Marketer cuts through the noise. Craig and John clearly identify the core competencies needed by marketers in the new world order and provide highly practical organizational guidelines for success. All marketers should read this book."
—Bob Lord, President, AOL, Inc.

"Business models are changing for all the players in marketing - publisher, advertiser, agency, and ad-tech solution. Craig and John bring us back to the core role of a Platform Marketer, as advocate for the end consumer, ensuring meaningful experiences as the individual orchestrates through all this change. Platform Marketers will be key to all of us in the media and marketing world."

—David Kenny, Chairman & CEO, The Weather Company

"Lee and Dempster make a strong and urgent case for the next stage of marketing at the intersection of the enabled consumer and the new 'Platform Marketer.' By clearly delineating the evolution from the marketing techniques we know well, they show us how to adapt. At the same time, they deliver a wake-up call for marketers themselves to evolve or be left in the dust."

—Beth Hirschhorn, Chief Marketing Officer, Kaplan, Inc.

"Finally, a playbook for the enlightened marketer who is increasingly challenged to deliver ever more personalized content to large, diverse audiences. John and Craig do a great job of demystifying today's ad tech ecosystem, the skills needed to break out from the pack, and the toolkit to make it happen."
—Patrick Blair, Chief Marketing Officer, Anthem, Inc.

"The paradigm shift to digital has changed nearly every aspect of our lives. But perhaps most acutely, this evolution has reprogrammed how marketers should think about connecting with their audience. The Rise of the Platform Marketer gives us a unique view into this dramatic change, providing deep insights and a guide that any successful marketer must follow. We can no longer do what we've done in the past and hope it keeps working. This book is the key to the future of marketing."

—Amir Weiss, SVP, Head of Global eBusiness, MetLife

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