Hacking the Hacker
Learn From the Experts Who Take Down Hackers
Publisher: Wiley
Final Release Date: April 2017
Pages: 320


Day after day, whitehats meet blackhats on the field of cyberspace, battling for control of the technology that powers our world. Ethical hackers—whitehats—are among the most brilliant and resourceful of technology experts, constantly developing new ways to stay one step ahead of those who would hijack our data and systems for personal gain.

In these pages, you're going to meet some of the unsung heroes who protect us all from the Dark Side. You'll discover why they chose this field, the areas in which they excel, and their most notable accomplishments. You'll also get a brief overview of the many different types of cyberattacks they battle.

If the world of ethical hacking intrigues you, here's where to start exploring. You'll hear from:

  • Bruce Schneier, America's leading cyber-security expert
  • Kevin Mitnick, master of social engineering
  • Dr. Dorothy E. Denning, specialist in intrusion detection
  • Mark Russinovich, Azure Cloud CTO
  • Dr. Charlie Miller, leader in thwarting car hacks

. . . and many more

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