Organisational Behaviour For Dummies
By Cary L. Cooper, Sheena Johnson, Lynn Holdsworth
Publisher: Wiley / For Dummies
Final Release Date: April 2012
Pages: 384

Get up to speed on the science of human behaviour in theworkplace

Organisational behaviour is all about how people behave at work.It encompasses a wide range of topics that are crucial to businesssuccess. This fun-to-read primer quickly gets you up to speed onall the essentials of this fascinating subject. From personalitydifferences and teams to personnel selection and motivation, theauthors – all distinguished experts in the field – coverall the core OB concepts, making this the perfect introduction forstudents and a useful guide for managers looking to apply theseconcepts in practice.

  • Get the lowdown on OB – find out why understandingpsychological and behavioural principles can be so important tosuccess

  • Find out what makes people tick – gain powerful insightsinto why individuals behave the way they do in the workplace andthe roles of intellectual, personality, and culturaldifferences

  • Discover why people act the way they do in groups – benefitfrom the latest OB thinking on group and team dynamics

  • Make sense of leadership – explore various leadershipstyles and their effects on groups, as well as how great leadersconsistently motivate employees to exceed their limits

  • Take a bird's-eye view – get a clearer picture of theworkplace at the organisational level and a deeper understanding ofcompany culture and climate, organisational change, and more

  • Hire for excellence – get the latest on employeerecruitment, development, and performance appraisals

Open the book and find:

  • A look at the nature of the individual in the workplace

  • Advice on group and team dynamics and why they can breakdown

  • Guidance on the employer/employee psychological contract

  • Effective leadership and motivation methods

  • Job design and performance appraisal techniques

  • Advice on hiring and developing employees

  • How to minimise the cost of stress in organisations

  • How the modern workplace is changing

Learn about:

  • The psychology of the workplace

  • The role of individuals, teams, and groups in organisations

  • Personality, motivation, and leadership in the workplace

  • How the modern workplace is changing

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