X User Tools
By Linda Mui, Valerie Quercia
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Final Release Date: December 1994
Pages: 856

X User Tools provides for X users what UNIX Power Tools provides for UNIX users: hundreds of tips, tricks, scripts, techniques, and programs that make the X Window System more enjoyable, more powerful, and easier to use.The emphasis in X User Tools is on useful programs, culled from the network and contributed by X programmers all over the world. The programs range from fun (games, screensavers, and a variety of online clocks) to business tools (calendar, memo, and mailer programs) to graphics (programs for drawing, displaying, and converting images).The book contains a number of tips and techniques for configuring individual and systemwide environments.This book employs the browser style of organization pioneered byUNIX Power Tools. Each article stands on its own and many contain cross-references to related articles. Readers can read the book straight through from cover to cover, but most readers will skip around in the book, reading only the articles that appeal to them. If they discover after reading an article that they want more information on a topic, they can follow the cross-references to other articles that cover particular subjects in more depth.The book contains a glossary of common X and UNIX terms.A CD-ROM containing source files for all and binary files for some of the programs (for a number of platforms, including Sun 4, Solaris, HP 700, Alpha/OSF, and RS6000/AIX) is included with the book. Note that the CD-ROM contains the software for both emacs and tcl/tk.

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