MH & xmh: E-mail for Users & Programmers, 2nd Edition
By Jerry Peek
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Final Release Date: September 1992
Pages: 728

Customizing your email environment can save you time and make communicating more enjoyable. MH & xmh: E-mail for Users & Programmers explains how to use, customize, and program with the MH electronic mail commands. There's also entensive coverage of xmh, a standard X client that's a handy and powerful graphical interface for MH.Don't be intimidated by the size of this book: MH and xmh are easy to learn and use. You can learn to use MH by reading only the 14 pages in Chapter 4. Chapter 14 covers xmh> in 19 pages (about 7 of those are Figures). All the rest of the book is there to help you do things that you never thought you could do with an email system. This handbook is packed with explanations and useful examples of MH and xmh features, some of which are only hinted at in standard documentation.The second edition is updated for X Release 5 and MH 6.7.2. We added a chapter on mhook, sections explaining under-appreciated small commands and features, and more examples showing how to use MH to handle common situations.Contents include:

  • Introduction to MH and xmh.
  • Complete descriptions of standard MH and xmh.
  • Examples and tutorials for customizing the mail systems.
  • Detailed shell programming tutorial using MH in examples.
  • Quick reference charts and reference pages for MH and xmh.
  • How to get free copies of all programs and files.

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